Cloud Elements Introduces Point-and-Click Software for Non-Developers to Create API Integrations

Conductor Delivers Low-code Tool with High-code Features;
Ideal for Customer Success and Professional Service Teams

DENVER, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Elements, a pioneer in API integration, today announced Conductor, a point-and-click workflow tool that lets both developers and non-developers easily create integrations to automate everyday processes.

API integration has become one of the hottest skills in software and a key driver of digital business strategy. Yet all too often, progress is limited because the work can only be done by experienced and expensive developers.

Conductor features a low-code visual user interface that simplifies the task of creating complex integrations. The software should be especially useful for customer success and professional service teams, who are on the front lines helping businesses implement new software – while making it work with their existing software. This is especially vital now, since the average enterprise deploys more than 1,500 cloud services to get their work done.

Conductor’s visual interface can be used by all skill levels, without sacrificing on power and capability, allowing users to easily customize integrations and build workflows that meet specific customer needs. “Ad hoc integrators” can now solve problems without needing to code like a developer. Likewise, Conductor can be used by experienced developers to rapidly prototype and explore new use cases.

“Conductor brings developers and non-developers together to solve business problems using API integration,” said Mark Geene, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Elements. “Digital business is all about speed, and this overcomes an important barrier for software teams to deliver faster value.”

Conductor is part of Cloud Elements 3.0, the company’s latest platform, which allows APIs to work consistently across hundreds of applications while sharing common data models. Cloud Elements 3.0 starts by unifying APIs with enhanced capabilities for authentication, discovery, search, error handling and API maintenance. These “Elements” can then be combined into workflows (aka Formulas) that automate business processes across applications. Elements and Formulas can be easily modified, shared and re-used, significantly improving developer productivity. Elements also shield developers from underlying API changes, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Cloud Elements 3.0 also adds a powerful new capability called Virtual Data Hubs, which provide a normalized view of data objects, such as “accounts” or “orders” or “payments.” This allows companies to manage data they care about in a structure that is optimized for their application or business. It also provides software teams with more control over user experience, eliminating the need for point-to-point mapping of data to each and every new application.

Conductor allows non-developers to use, extend and/or customize existing Elements, Formulas and Virtual Data Hubs. With Conductor, users can:

  • Get started with simple use case templates
  • Connect data and processes across applications
  • Configure filters and map data

Conductor is immediately available today for existing and new Cloud Elements customers.

About Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements brings harmony to the world of APIs, allowing software providers to innovate faster and plug into digital ecosystems. The company’s one-to-many virtualized API integration platform enables developers to unify thousands of APIs, build common data models for core business functions, and reduce the pain, cost, and complexity of integration. Founded in 2012, Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and serves customers worldwide. More information can be found at

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