102 Government Agencies Join DemandStar

Over $100 Million in New Contract Value Added to the DemandStar Platform Over 12 Months

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DemandStar, the online network connecting  local and national suppliers with government procurement officers, celebrates over 100 new government agencies across 18 states signing up with its network since establishing itself as an independent company in July 2018.

These new cities, counties, school districts, utilities and other government organizations have posted over $100 million annually in government contract value to DemandStar’s e-procurement platform. These governments now are instantly able to reach DemandStar’s rapidly expanding supplier base, which includes 78,000 small and minority-owned businesses across the country.

“DemandStar helps communities grow by getting the right suppliers to the right government job. We give governments access to an average of three to five times more suppliers for every bid, bringing more businesses to the table and getting the best value for governments,” said Ben Vaught, CEO of DemandStar. “In signing over 100 agencies in a one year period, we move toward this goal by giving government offices access to more and more suppliers so they complete projects while working with the best suppliers.”

Businesses looking to grow with ongoing revenue streams are encouraged to join platforms like DemandStar because they provide up-to-date opportunities from government procurement departments.

For government procurement agencies interested in joining DemandStar or businesses looking to bid on government work, visit https://network.demandstar.com/.


DemandStar builds communities by connecting government agencies quickly and efficiently with quality suppliers. Founded in 1998, they pioneered the online marketplace concept for bidding on government contracts and now serves as the gateway for partnerships between government agencies and suppliers both locally and nationally throughout the United States. For more information or for government agencies and suppliers interested in joining DemandStar’s network, please visit www.demandstar.com or call (206) 940-0305.

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