The ALICE Training Institute Completes Statewide Training for Law Enforcement on Preparing Communities to Respond to Active Shooter in Arizona

ALICE held a “First Protector” train-the-trainer event with state and local law enforcement and private sector security in Arizona through the Department of Public Safety


PHOENIX, ARIZONA, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The ALICE Training Institute (, the leading civilian active shooter preparedness company in the U.S., is pleased to announce the state of Arizona and Department of Public Safety conducted a statewide training for over 150 state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers last week. This event was designed to help local law enforcement prepare community organizations to successfully respond to an active shooter incident.

“As the leader in developing active shooter preparedness programs we are honored to work with the Arizona Department of Public Safety to train and instruct Arizona’s bravest men and women in how to help their community organizations plan for an active shooter event and educate community members on how to respond,” stated Dave Mueller, CEO of ALICE. “Having prepared more than one million people and 13,000 organizations, we’re proud to provide Arizona’s law enforcement the tools needed to help their communities in a safe and responsible way.”

Attendees were certified by the ALICE Training Institute to develop site-specific drills, demonstrate the ALICE methodology in the community and deliver hands-on training to schools and other public entities in their jurisdiction. “We were excited to participate in this training to learn what the ALICE Training Institute has to offer,” said David Ellis, Director of Security for the Arizona Diamondbacks, “and look forward to exploring ways to partner further with ALICE in the future.”

The ALICE Training Institute believes that community awareness of what to do in an active shooter event empowers everyone from law enforcement and teachers to students and parents to best use the minutes that matter the most when faced with danger. Combining hands-on training and drills with age- and ability-appropriate e-Learning courses increases the likelihood of survival by empowering individuals to protect themselves until law enforcement arrives.

In order to further support the statewide initiative,  the ALICE Training Institute is conducting a free webinar for Arizona school and community leaders to review how an active shooter preparedness program can successfully be implemented in a community safely and in a non-threatening way using age- and ability-specific materials and training. The webinar will be held on Oct. 15 at 1 pm Pacific Time. All are welcome to register at: ALICE Student Curriculum: Age & Ability Appropriate Training Webinar.

About ALICE Training Institute

ALICE Training Institute is the original civilian options-based active shooter response program designed to empower individuals in the face of violence. ALICE Training Institute prepares leaders to train, in an age- and ability-appropriate way, their classrooms, businesses, and communities to survive. In the chaos of a violent critical incident, every second counts, and ALICE-based strategies equip civilians with life-saving options that go beyond the traditional and inadequate lockdown-only response. ALICE Training Institute has helped more than 13,000 organizations and 1,000,000 individuals prepare for an incident involving an active shooter. For more information about ALICE Training Institute contact us at



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