Segment Announces the Winners of Its Inaugural Data Momentum Awards: IBM, Proposify, AB-InBev and Upsolve

Customer Awards Recognize Businesses Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Segment, the customer data infrastructure company, today announced the winners of its inaugural Data Momentum Awards. The new awards program honors organizations that have shown outstanding innovation in their use of Segment and are redefining the way data is used to improve the customer experience and drive business impact.

The awards were presented at Segment’s annual user conference, Synapse. Organizations were judged in four categories: Data Impact, Data Creativity, Data Culture Transformation and Data for Good.

“The Data Momentum Awards celebrate those at the frontlines of data innovation, who often fly under the radar because their work is felt but not seen,” said Vishal Rana, Vice President of Customer Success at Segment. “This year’s winners show the meaningful business impact that can be achieved with first-party customer data, and demonstrate the forward-thinking and innovative approaches that are possible with a strong Customer Data Infrastructure in place.” 

The winners of the first Data Momentum Awards, listed by category, are:

Data Impact Award: IBM

The Data Impact Award recognizes an organization that has modernized its infrastructure to unlock data that is driving measurable business impact.

IBM, the global enterprise technology company, uses Segment to understand user interactions across the company’s wide and complex array of products and websites. Armed with this data, its teams can provide highly-contextualized customer experiences, drive personalized marketing campaigns, identify fresh growth opportunities, and make impactful product decisions.  

  • Since IBM began using Segment, end-user product adoption has improved by 30% and trial-to-paid new user conversion rates have quadrupled
  • Internally, Segment usage has grown quickly, with 130 IBM teams now using Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) as the foundation of a dynamic and powerful analytics stack

Data Creativity Award: Proposify

The Data Creativity Award honors an organization using data analytics to solve business challenges in a unique and innovative way.

Proposify, a provider of market-leading online business proposal software, had no formal system to ensure data parity before introducing Segment. Now, teams throughout the company can trust that they are working from a single source of truth, enabling them to implement creative data-driven solutions wherever they are needed. One example is the automated lead scoring process now used by its sales team, which helps the team to waste less time and close more deals.

  • Since implementing Segment, Proposify has increased its sales pipeline by 152% and improved sales velocity by 312%

Data Culture Transformation Award: AB-InBev

The Data Culture Transformation Award honors an organization that has transformed its culture to focus on data-driven insights.

AB-InBev, the world’s largest brewer, is using Segment to help advance its B2B e-commerce platform, developing new capabilities and insights to better serve its retail customers and respond to their needs. The company is using data to make radical changes to its traditional sales processes, adding new capabilities such as algorithmic selling, loyalty programs, and personalized engagement campaigns.

  • Using Segment, AB-InBev uses its real-time customer data to digitally transform its traditional business model, enabling 16 global markets to more seamlessly serve their customers.

Data for Good Award: Upsolve

The Data for Good Award recognizes an organization that is applying data towards the greater good.

Upsolve, a nonprofit that helps Americans in financial difficulty to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, used Segment to help understand users, define its business model, and reach financial self-sustainability. Now, it uses insights from Segment’s Customer Data Infrastructure to improve and automate its product, cutting a process that can take $2,000 to a free self-service tool that takes just two hours.

  • So far, Upsolve has helped over 1,800 US families clear nearly $100m of debt
  • Segment is helping Upsolve achieve 24% month-over-month growth

“Without Segment, I don’t think we’d be able to serve the societal need that we do today,” said Mark Hansen, CTO of Upsolve. “When we first turned on Segment in January 2018, we made about $500 and had about 450 people signing up to use our service. We’ve since seen a 10x lift in sign-ups. That’s an amazing improvement in our performance, and has enabled us to find the rarest of things in the nonprofit sector—financial self-sustainability.”

For more information about the Data Momentum Awards and this year’s winners, see here.

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