FBI agree to release classified reports on lobbyist tied to Bernie Sanders Scandal

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last Thursday, within hours from NWOP's reporting on U.S. Attorney General William Barr's office reopening an appeal case against the FBI for a FOIA request violation, the Department of Justice sent notice of adjudication and case closure to complainant Cary Lee Peterson, as a result of the Federal Bureau of Investigation agreeing to release Peterson's personal FBI reports pursuant to the FOIA Act- after previously refusing Peterson and his legal team release of the FBI reports while in trial court for (quasi) criminal case, "U.S. v. Bet on Bernie (Carey Lee Peterson)" a year ago.

In accordance with (erred) court records for the (quasi) 'Bet on Bernie' (PAC) criminal case (actually entitled; United States vs. Cary Lee Peterson, 3:16-cr-00230-AET-1, 3rd Cir. USDNJ), a request for the FBI reports (and right to call trial witnesses) by Peterson and his defense attorney Eric Marcy was also denied by Trial Court Judge Anne E. Thompson, despite the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (and Brady Act) guaranteeing a defendant of a criminal offense merit to know his accuser(s) and any evidence raised against him by the government.


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, is a federal freedom of information law that requires a Federal government agency or department to provide the requester full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents on person's personal profile (i.e., crime investigations and third-party complaints) controlled by the United States government upon request. FOIA Act was intended to make U.S. government agencies' functions more transparent so that the American public could more easily identify problems in government functioning and put pressure on Congress, agency or department officials, and the President to address them.

Nonetheless, at no time did the FBI's initial criminal complaint filed in 2016 meet the burden for a good showing of probable cause for criminal acts by Bet on Bernie PAC, or the (unincorporated) political organization administrator Peterson pursuant to the Attorney General's Memorandum on Bringing Criminal Charges Against Corporations.


Hence, Peterson's FBI reports have the likelihood to disclose (and expose):

(1) information that draws a nexus between lobbyist Peterson and his sentencing judge's close associate (pastor) Jonathan A. Mason, Sr. of Northeast Baptist Church in Philadelphia (Judge Anne Thompson's hometown).

  1. In this instance, Mason was a business associate of Peterson that had worked as a media sales director in New York, who purchased 50,000 (RVPL) stock shares around or about the time Peterson was supposed to take over a penny stock company.

  2. Whereas, Mason's name is nowhere to be found or mentioned in Peterson's trial court proceedings or the purported FINRA Blue Sheet data, that (special) AUSA Ari Fontecchio presented after Peterson's trial conviction, in efforts to show alleged victims and losses (caused by Peterson); a dispute that enhanced Peterson's offense level calculation and left uncontested motions at the district court, in the present.

(2) information to identify the identity of whom at Garvey Schubert Barer (the "respondeat superior") filed the "Federal charges" against Peterson pursuant to Ohio media mogul "T.K." email dialogue in Gotcha Evidence "Exhibit A" (court documents);

(3) information to identify the bad actors   liable for tortious interferences with political activities of political organizations, political officials, and political candidates represented by Peterson; a violation of federally protected activities (under 18 U.S. Code § 245(b)) and lobbying activities (under 18 U.S. Code § 1607(b));

(4) information to identify to identify bad actors in the news media, who were assisted by the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey to launch an online sabotage and libel campaign against Peterson and his businesses, political groups, business associates and family members, and public interests shared with international organizations and foreign governments on March 14, 2016, one month before his official "Date of Arrest" on April 13, 2016, pursuant to court docket records (see reference link). Ironically, even Bernie Sanders' general counsel Brad Deutsch (publicly) foretold Peterson's arrest in more than one news article nearly a month before the Federal court in New Jersey reported his official date of arrest.

(5) information to identify the third-party organization hired to spy on Peterson through the court-ordered (upgraded) GPS ankle-monitoring device that was curiously given to him right before his scheduled trial date; and

(6) information to identify what FBI agent(s) had been in contact with a U.S. Department of Interior attorney in Pohnpei State, Micronesia (referred to as "Savage" in court papers), about Peterson, the pro-Sanders PAC, and Sanders' private prosecution agenda with the FBI, three weeks before Peterson's criminal complaint had been (actually) filed by the FBI at the U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey, on March 10, 2016.

  1. According to the court papers filed by Peterson, DOI employee "Savage", who knew Peterson through a mutual (political official) associate in Micronesia had indirectly alluded the caveat to Peterson, that the FBI was coming down on Peterson soon regarding something related to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and a Super  PAC....(Savage said to Peterson verbatim: "The FBI told me I shouldn't be talking to you."); and

(7) the identity of the FBI employee who had contacted FSM (private) attorney Stephen Finnen and his client Murphy Panuelo (a relative of former-congressman, (now) FSM President David Panuelo- who has Oregon state ties), referred to as "Murphy" in Fed court and Senate filings.

  1. Murphy Panuelo was a Micronesian businessman who had been in discussions with Peterson about leasing office building space for Peterson's community and development banking project (East America Bank), that had been pending approval by the local banking commission in Pohnpei, prior to a social media messenger argument, that alluded threats and a caveat (from Murphy) that the FBI 'was supposed to be' arresting Peterson ("tomorrow") and he knew about the "Super PAC" that Center for Public Integrity had alleged was scamming 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders, political donors, and actor Daniel "James Bond" Craig.

  2. Pursuant to Federal court filings made by Peterson, this online dialogue between Panuelo and him occurred days after a [failed] kidnapping attempt at Murphy's bar and grill in Mangrove Bay (Pohnpei) by four Fijian 'henchmen' who changed their ominous tone and demeanor after seeing Cary Lee Peterson's government-issued identification, which showed them that his (Occidental) family name was (ironically) the same as Pohnpei State Governor Marcelo Peterson- which resulted in the Fijian men apologizing for their behavior, giving their praise to the Pohnpei Governor and the Peterson Family, and offering to purchase Peterson a beer with 'the money a "haole" had paid them to take him for a ride 'and thump him up.'


Last week, Peterson's spokesperson Liu copied NWOP on a 'failure to file court submission' complaint sent to the Federal district and circuit courts- a legal notice to the court that came about two weeks after a renewed motion for release pending appeal (by way of an injunction or stay against the judgment of conviction that ordered his imprisonment) had been confirmed delivered by expedited mail couriers- yet still not showing as filed on either court dockets after more than 20 days from the tracking/delivery confirmations of Peterson's filings.

The renewed motion for relief raised a substantial question of law and fact, regarding a mandatory due process rule, that requires the court to resolve any presentence report objections (that could affect the criminal offense level calculations) before a sentencing hearing for the jury trial conviction under Federal Criminal Court Rule 32, and exceptional reasons for Peterson's immediate release from incarceration pending appeal proceedings, due to lobbying activities that enjoin 'any court to prohibit, lobbying activities or lobbying contacts by any person or entity' (under 2 U.S.C. 1607)- inclusive of Peterson's (non-exempt) burden to electronically file lobbying disclosure reports for political groups that he had been lobbying for before the Sanders-Garvey controversy began around or about this time in 2015.

NWOP's attempt to contact Chief Clerk Patricia Dodszuweit at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit- who is responsible for filing all incoming court submissions from parties, was unsuccessful.

Consequently, in the present, the Bernie Sanders Stonewall Scandal became an interest of U.S. Senate Counsel (under 2 U.S.C. 288g(b)), and had been brought to the attention of the New Jersey Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney General's Office, and the U.S. Pardon Attorney, as a result to an ongoing deadlock of Peterson's appeal proceedings that has continued nearly four months after Circuit Court Judge Felipe Restrepo granted an order for extraordinary (interlocutory) relief to enjoin 'stonewalling' Peterson's constitutional rights at the court of appeals.


Stonewalling is a refusal to communicate or cooperate with a party or tribunal, despite the law. Stonewall behavior occurs in situations such as diplomatic negotiations, politics and legal cases.

Tactics in stonewalling include giving incomplete, vague responses, refusing to reply to requests, obstructing justice, causing interference with the administration of justice (equitable or judicial estoppel), or responding to questions with additional questions. In most cases, stonewalling is used to create a delay, rather than to put the conversation off forever.

In politics, stonewalling is used to refuse to answer or comment on certain questions about policy and issues, especially if the party, public official, or politician in question is under investigation, or is exposed for collusion or malfeasance.

Another tactic of stonewalling is providing the jurors with misleading information to induce bias and prejudice, or purposefully withholding certain pieces of information that can be self-incriminating or exculpatory.

"When witnesses practice the stonewalling practice they are usually in an agreement with other witnesses to do the same in order for the tactic to be effective."

(Media Reference: Goldstein, Howard W.; Witzel, Steven M. (28 May 2017). "Grand Jury Practice". Law Journal Press)


After four years from the news-media reporting on the 'super PAC man' Cary Peterson's pro-Sanders PAC, this surreal and extraordinary political controversy has compiled a list of high profile witnesses and actors, as actor Daniel "James Bond" Craig, Ohio media mogul Thomas ("TK") Klein, (former) U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman, and Guam Governor Lourdes Aflague ("Lou") Leon Guerrero, formerly the CEO and President of Bank of Guam - not to forget 11 Federal judges (two that had been recused and reassigned, and two more that are being sued for judicial misconduct)- whom are purportedly witnesses or 'actors' with some sort of direct or indirect involvement among the 16 related Garvey-Peterson Ordeal cases, according to court documents have some sort of involvement, according to legal filings and supporting exhibits.

In recent court filings, Peterson says that the 'ultrahazardous activity' was derived from an (out-of-court) ex-parte alternative dispute resolution by Garvey Schubert Barer, in retaliation to civil disputes between their clients BAS Broadcasting Ohio and Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign committee, and his pro-Sanders political action committee, of which had purportedly been supporting Sanders' (Independent Party) candidacy for president since 2014, when Peterson was a regional coordinator and federal election candidate for the National Independent American Party, pursuant to USA Today.

However, final justice and finality on this legal matter have yet to be seen. Thus, almost nine months after Peterson's notice of appeal had been filed, he remains a political prisoner at FCI Sheridan, Oregon continuing to assert his merits to due process (for court proceedings) guaranteed to a private citizen under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.


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NWOP first began reporting on this subject matter set forth above on public integrity back in 2016. (See original podcast on Garvey-Peterson Ordeal).

News content by: David De Livera

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