AIOps Catalyst Program Wins TM Forum Award for Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets

Dallas, TX, Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Phase II of the AIOps Catalyst Program “AI for IT & Network Operations”, of which Huawei is a key participant, has won the “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets” award for generating relevant outcomes and deliverables on AI management standards and best practices. The TM Forum Awards ceremony was held yesterday in Dallas, Texas.

The AIOps Catalyst is a joint innovation program of Huawei, leading telcos and vendors to explore multiple AI-based use cases within IT and Network operations around how to improve the customer experience, quality and efficiency by optimizing CSPs’ processes and services.

The AIOps Catalyst program proved that AI technology is mature enough to support CSPs’ business and operations processes delivering tangible improvements and opportunities for the industry. Combining the initiatives of six large telcos and five vendors, the AIOps Catalyst program developed key AI-based use cases within IT and network operations covering vital processes, such as predicting issues in customer experience, correlating alarms and events, predicting potential faults, estimating automatic infrastructure capacity requirements and preventing customer complaints.

The AIOps Catalyst program has been a great learning experience and proof-of-concept opportunity that has inspired and informed a rich variety of deliverables aiming to contribute to CSPs’ understanding of what is required for planning and approaching their AI journey.

In addition to the broad range of cross-domain AI user stories and use cases, the key contributions to the TM Forum assets refer to:

  1.  How to redesign service management processes to manage AI components at scale
  2.  How to deploy and efficiently train AI models, using both in-house frameworks and open-source platforms (e.g. Acumos)
  3.  How to improve the TM Forum AI Maturity Model
  4.  How to enrich the TM Forum Data Model to support AI operations

"By leading the TM Forum AIOps joint innovation program, Huawei Service & Software confirms its full commitment to invest in AI to automate CSP operations through Huawei solutions like HUAWEI SmartCare®, AUTIN, and Robust Network Service, and to contribute to industry standards and best practices to manage AI at scale,” said Zheng Ruguo, Huawei Global Technical Service CMO. “The acknowledgement that we receive from the TM Forum community inspires us to develop this further as part of our strategic direction."

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