Two Hat and Image Analyzer partner to protect online communities from live-streamed criminal content

London, England, Oct. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two Hat Security, a Canadian technology company founded to protect users of all ages in online communities, and Image Analyzer, a British company that develops technology that automatically detects and blocks harmful visual content, announced that Two Hat will extend its licensing agreement and begin offering moderation for live-streamed video content powered by Image Analyzer’s IAVIS technology. The two companies will now automatically moderate live-streamed video and images. The companies made the announcement jointly a day in advance of Two Hat’s Content Moderation Symposium taking place at the Radisson Blu hotel here.

“The risk of young people being harmed by toxic content they encounter online is too great for a single platform operator to tackle on its own, or to build from scratch,” said Chris Priebe, CEO and founder of Two Hat Security. “By collaborating with Image Analyzer we can block offensive live-streamed video at unprecedented levels and make online communities safer. When social networks and tech providers collaborate and leverage multiple AI models, we are all stronger,” said Priebe.

Image Analyzer, has spent more than a decade developing technology used by online community moderators, digital forensics companies and security software providers to automatically detect and prevent the download, storage and sharing of harmful visual content. Unlike object recognition technologies, Image Analyzer IAVIS applies artificial intelligence to search for characteristics within images, online videos and streamed content in threat categories including pornography, drugs, weapons, violence, extremism, and gambling.

“A number of nations are considering legal measures to force companies to remove harrowing live footage and other visual risks from their websites but human moderators cannot catch everything,” said Image Analyzer founder, Crispin Pikes. “Any operator that enables millions to stream, upload or share visual content needs to think how they will manage to protect their communities and abide by new laws.”

In August it was announced that, under the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the UK’s regulatory body governing communication services, Ofcom, will gain the power to fine social media companies and online platform providers 5 per cent of revenues, or suspend operations, for failure to protect children and vulnerable users from viewing harmful content. The EU Directive is set to become law on 19th September 2020.

About Two Hat Security

Two Hat’s AI-powered content moderation platform classifies, filters, and escalates more than 30 billion human interactions, including messages, usernames, images, and videos a month, all in real-time.

With an emphasis on surfacing online harms including cyberbullying, abuse, hate speech, violent threats, and child exploitation, we help a variety of social networks to foster safe and healthy user experiences.

Our two hats represent our unique approach to moderation. By filtering and surfacing negative content, we make room for positive online experiences and deeply human interactions. More than a filter, we provide an all-in-one content moderation solution, with data analysis, content escalations, flexible workflows, auto-moderated user reports, and more.


About Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer is a world leader in the provision of automated content moderation for image, video and streaming media.

Image Analyzer is focused on identifying visual threats, not detecting everyday objects. Using artificial intelligence we deliver unparalleled levels of accuracy producing near zero false positive results in milliseconds.

Founded in 2005, Image Analyzer is a UK based technology development company focused solely on providing OEM computer vision solutions to software vendors and platform owners. Image Analyzer’s technology is used by more than 45 organisations across many IT sectors.

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