Facebank Group reveals the ‘Future of Your Face’ in Debut of Corporate Website FacebankGroup.com

New York, NY, Oct. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Facebank Group, Inc. (OTC: FBNK), a digital human technology company, focused on the development, collection, protection and preparation of the personal digital likeness assets, of celebrities and consumers, for use in artificial intelligence, entertainment, personal productivity and social networking, today introduces its new corporate website, FacebankGroup.com, which provides an overview of the Company’s business, including important vocabulary for readers to better understand the digital human industry and the Company’s business plans. Visitors are now able to review the following helpful sections:

  • The ‘Home’ page provides scroll-down access enjoyable and informative content, including sections “What is a Digital Human?” and “The Future of Your Face”. These sections allow visitors to develop an informed understanding of the relevance of today’s digital human industry and the many face-related applications that are available to celebrities and to the much larger global market of connected consumers. The Home page also provides shortcuts to other fun features that are also available through the Menu Options.

  • The ‘Companies’ menu option features our key operating subsidiaries, from the original technology portfolio acquisition of Pulse Evolution Corporation, to recent acquisitions, such as Nexway AG, which have provided the Company with a +$200 million revenue digital distribution platform. 

  • The ‘Projects’ menu option proves access to content, which will be updated regularly, regarding upcoming digital human, virtual performance or live theatrical projects, such as Virtual Mayweather, Kung Fu Panda and Virtual ABBA. Visitors can also enjoy in this section some amazing performance content and behind-the-scenes vignettes, related to prior groundbreaking work such as Virtual Michael Jackson, Virtual Tupac, or the digital humans of Tron: Legacy and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 
  • Basic information sections, such as Press and Investor Relations are also available, though Facebank Group has recently hired market leading investor relations and communications firm, Equisolve, to redesign and relaunch the Company’s investor portal. This new investor resource will be introduced prior to October 30, 2019.

Please note of the following changes to our brand, symbol and communications interface, as follows:

                                          New Company Name:              Facebank Group, Inc.
                                          New Symbol:                            FBNK
                                          Effective Date:                          Sep 30, 2019

                                          New Website:                           www.facebankgroup.com

About Facebank Group, Inc.
New Website: http://www.facebankgroup.com

Facebank Group, Inc. (OTC: FBNK) is a digital human technology company, focused on the development, collection, protection and preparation of the personal digital likeness assets, of celebrities and consumers, for use in artificial intelligence, entertainment, personal productivity and
social networking.

Facebank Group, including its consolidated companies, is a globally recognized developer of hyper-realistic digital humans – computer generated assets that can be distributed across the full spectrum of traditional media and emerging display technologies, including live entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. We are focused on the development, collection, protection and preparation of the personal digital likeness assets, of celebrities and consumers, for use in artificial intelligence, entertainment, personal productivity and social networking. The Company’s business plan is to generate revenues through the development and deployment of digital human characters, for celebrities and consumers, but also through the roll-up acquisition of the digital human industry. The Company believes it has the opportunity to make strategic acquisitions of technology and revenue-generating companies, to become a dominant global leader in a sizable and lucrative digital human industry that is, thus far, largely unrecognized as an industry.

We believe that digital humans will be ubiquitous in society, culture and industry. In the last decade, hyper-realistic digital humans have performed in movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or on stage such as the virtual performance of a digital Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. We expect that, in years to come, digital humans will not only perform for audiences on stage and in film, but they will also represent individual consumers as digital likeness avatars, in realistic and fantasy form, appearing and interacting on the consumer’s behalf in electronic and mobile communication, social media, video game, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The Company’s long-term goal is to be the ‘face’ of artificial intelligence, to provide a human form to interactive artificially intelligent computer beings that will be common in society, providing useful information and services to people in diverse industries, such as education, health care, telecommunications, defense, transportation and entertainment.

Our leadership team is currently focused on applications of digital humans in entertainment. We believe the entertainment industry provides us with attractive near-term opportunities to put digital humans to work in proven performance-oriented business models, while also allowing us to use the visibility of our globally recognized celebrities to showcase our digital human technologies and their applications across other industries. Accordingly, our current business plan is to generate revenues from our digital human representations of some of the world’s best-known living and late celebrities.

Beyond entertainment, we believe our specific business opportunity will be driven by the rapid evolution of the methods by which people access information and content through various forms of interactive electronic media. We believe that we are moving toward a world in which we will simply ask a computer a question and we will be given an answer, by a hyper-realistic digital human who possesses a universe of accurate and relevant information. Through our continued development of the world’s most advanced human animation technology, and our collaboration with the larger community of artificial intelligence pioneers, we expect that we will do more than just put a face on ‘AI.’ We intend to build your most knowledgeable teacher, your most trusted advisor, and in a digital world that reveals more possibilities each day, maybe even your best friend.

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