Monetate Releases Audience Explorer To Optimize Personalization Experiences And Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

TicketNetwork Uses the Segmentation and Analytics Feature To Accelerate and Scale Personalization Strategies

NEW YORK, and LONDON, Oct. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Monetate, a worldwide leader in personalization, today announced the release of Audience Explorer, a customer segmentation and analytics tool that gives brands instant insights into their customers to drive better marketing and personalization. With Audience Explorer, brands can identify new audience segments, evaluate their performance across key metrics and create experiences to serve to those audiences. This additional level of customer insight helps brands identify audiences that are most likely to respond to specific messaging, offers or experiences, turning more customers into a brand’s best customers.

"Audience Explorer's quick time-to-insight allows me to answer questions within seconds, such as if an audience segment is large enough to target for personalization or if users in a segment share other traits or behaviors that I can use for personalization,” said Allison Reitz, Manager of Conversion Optimization at TicketNetwork, Inc. 

“I can instantly see fluctuations in existing segments, discover new segments as they emerge, and adjust my strategies around these changes,” Reitz explains. “Instead of spending my time segmenting and analyzing data, I can focus on launching positive experiences that address real-time trends in website traffic, using data I trust."

Audience Explorer uses sophisticated multidimensional analytics, providing brands instant insights using a broad range of relevant data. TicketNetwork has been an avid user of the tool in its early release, exploring audiences on its signature retail marketplace,, and taking action on findings in real-time. Prior to Audience Explorer, TicketNetwork would set up data collection experiments to get a better understanding of website customers and their behaviors, or wait for reports to be built and populated in other platforms. From start to finish, this process could take days or even weeks. With Audience Explorer, these insights are available right away.

TicketNetwork also uses Audience Explorer comparisons to understand how different personalization experiences affect customers’ shopping behavior. This capability enables the brand to quickly optimize personalization experiences to best influence their customers and maximize lift.

“We designed Audience Explorer to help our clients identify customers that have the greatest potential to become better customers. Brands can activate the insights they gain from the tool directly in the Monetate platform with effective personalization,” said Jonathan Bartlett, Chief Product Officer at Monetate. “Our strategy is to continue to deliver product enhancements that don’t simply increase our clients’ understanding of their customers, but also and importantly provide practical tools to take actions and measure results.”

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