ALICE Training Institute® Releases new K12 Student Curriculum to Help Teachers and Students Prepare for Emergencies

New training materials help teachers instruct students, in an age appropriate manner, how to respond to active shooter scenarios and other critical incidents.

Medina, OH, Oct. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The ALICE Training Institute, the original civilian active shooter response training company in the U.S., released a new training curriculum specifically designed for K-12 students. The student curriculum, which is available in both English and Spanish, allows educators to provide the ALICE strategies in a consistent and age-appropriate way to all students. The curriculum was designed to take not just the age of the students into consideration, but their cognitive, behavioral and developmental ability level as well.  

The ALICE K12 curriculum includes lesson plans and interactive courses designed for Pre-K, K-3, 4-6, 7-12 levels. The courses are available through the ALICE Training e-Learning portal and include interactive exercises that range from coloring pages and activity books to drills. These interactive exercises allow students to gain a greater comprehension of what to do in an emergency situation in a way that is tailored to their grade level. The student curriculum is a valuable resource for teachers looking to prepare their students for worst-case scenarios while ensuring the lesson is appropriate given the age of their students. 

“We want to help make educators and students feel as prepared as possible should a critical incident occur, and the launch of the student curriculum is another step forward in that pursuit,” said Chad Cunningham, Sr. Director of Product Management and Training.  “These age-appropriate courses will allow educators to help set a solid foundation for the ALICE strategies. It’s imperative that any active shooter response or emergency preparedness training cater to the age and cognitive level of the student, to ensure students are not overwhelmed.”

The curriculum follows the Department of Education recommended learning guidelines and is interactive to ensure comprehension for each level. ALICE vetted the curriculum with educators across various grade levels and piloted the program in both the elementary and high school levels. The curriculum was enhanced based on student feedback allowing the materials to be non-threatening and educational. ALICE empowers students while preparing them to survive violence, in an age-appropriate way. This new curriculum follows the release of the ALICE curriculum for students with special considerations earlier this year. These all align with the ALICE mission to help save more lives through preparedness and training. 


About ALICE Training Institute

ALICE® training is the original civilian options-based active shooter response program designed to empower individuals to participate in their own survival in the face of violence. ALICE prepares leaders to train their classrooms, businesses, and communities to survive. In the chaos of a violent critical incident, every second counts, and ALICE strategies equip civilians with life-saving options that go beyond the traditional and inadequate lockdown-only response. ALICE training’s proactive response options instruct trainees to assess the scenario and make informed survival decisions during violent events. For more information about ALICE Training Institute contact us at




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