PHILTER Labs, Inc. Releases New 3-Packs of Filter Refills in Three Unique Color Combos and Opens Online Sales in Canada

Consumer Demand To Reduce Waste and Economize Purchases Inspired 3-Pack

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PHILTER™Labs, Inc., a technology company pioneering a new category of micro personal filtration accessories, is set to start selling replacement filters for their hero products, the POCKET and the PHLIP.  Spurred by consumer requests to reduce waste as well as wanting an economical solution, PHILTER produced refills of its product at a reasonable price. 

Rather than tossing an entire POCKET or PHLIP once the filter is full, customers can now purchase just the filter cartridges and easily slip them into their existing sleeves. A 3-pack retails at $29.99 making it only $9.99 per cartridge, these new filter replacements offer a significant savings for consumers and lessen the waste impact.

In addition, strong demand in Canada for PHILTER’s portable products led to the decision to open online shipping to Canadian consumers. 

“It is exciting to create a product that immediately earns traction in the marketplace,” said Christos Nicolaidis, CEO, Philter Labs, Inc. “We believe people have been searching for a viable, sophisticated solution to filter their secondhand vape and smoke. Our channel is expanding, and we are rapidly growing because PHILTER is fulfilling that need.”

Without sacrificing their lifestyle, vapers and smokers can keep the air around them smoke-free with PHILTER’s patented Zero-5 technology. The multi-stage filtration process reduces emissions and captures and dissolves the particulates and pollutants commonly found in secondhand smoke and vapor. 

Available on beginning October 9th, the 3-pack of PHILTER replacement filters retails for $29.99. Offering three different color combos, each new 3-pack of filter refills includes one electroplated filter in either gold, chrome or rose gold. The 3-pack of refills can be mixed and matched with any of the POCKET or PHLIP sleeve colors. 

Since launching in January 2019, Philter Labs, Inc. has quickly gained popularity among smokers and vapers alike. The company has raised $3 million in growth funding, secured and soon to announce distribution across multiple channels in North America, earned widespread media attention, grown its social media presence, and is developing new and innovative products, thus redefining the personal filtration product category. 

By offering the best of both worlds, PHILTER allows smokers to curb all secondsmoke while allowing non-smokers the freedom of fresh air. 

About Philter Labs, Inc.
Philter Labs, Inc. is a technology company creating advanced solutions for the modern-day vaper. Pioneering a new category of personal filtration accessories, Philter Labs, Inc. invented Zero-5™ Technology, the first-of-its-kind, scientific process to eliminate smoke and vape through a series of molecular changes that results in zero emissions. Offering practical, reliable products that encourage conscientious, universally acceptable vaping practices, PHILTER™ is on a mission to serve as a catalyst for necessary and impactful social and environmental change. For additional information, please visit

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