People Power Launches the Presence Family Care Pack, a Remote Senior Care Solution for Families and Caregivers

First-of-its kind IoT solution uses machine learning algorithms to learn patterns of behavior and 
alert when dangerous events may be happening to dramatically lower costs of 24/7 senior care

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  People Power, the world’s leading software company for custom branded consumer services for senior care, security and energy management, today launches the Presence Family Care Pack – a first-of-its kind remote senior care and family connectivity product. The intelligent solution, backed by world-leading academic research, incorporates People Power’s patent-pending machine learning algorithms to continuously learn patterns of behavior in the home. Using AI-powered fall detection, Presence Family Care also provides critical insights and alerts to monitor seniors around the clock and enhance peace of mind for families and caregivers.

The Presence Family Care Pack includes one Smart Home Center gateway that connects a home to an intelligent cloud, two entry sensors to detect when doors, medicine cabinets and/or refrigerators are opened or closed, and three motion sensors to generate alerts when potential falls or wandering occur. The solution combines a mobile app with intelligent cloud services, voice control and low-cost sensors and distributes SMS text alerts about situations that need immediate attention to the senior’s Trusted Circle™, which can include up to 10 individuals. Anyone in the Trusted Circle who receives an alert can simply tap the phone number provided in the text message to facilitate direct phone contact with the Presence Family Emergency Call Center.

Senior care assistance features include:

  • Coordinated Call Reminders: Family members of all ages can receive reminders to reach out to their loved ones.
  • Failure to Return: Know if occupants did not return home by an expected time.
  • Bathroom Activity: Check for issues related to dehydration, diabetes, sickness or falls with a motion sensor positioned in the bathroom.
  • Late Night Activity: Know if there’s movement around the home at night, well after bedtime.
  • Know What’s Happened: Check-in 24 hours a day to see what’s happened inside the home.

For homes with one senior, additional features include Fall and Inactivity Detection (the solution’s machine learning algorithms detect a lack of movement when historic data would indicate movement should be expected) and Sleep Monitoring (to track sleep patterns, up-at-night frequency and confirm the senior got out of bed in the morning). For homes with multiple occupants, Wandering Detection allows live-in spouses or caregivers to receive an alert if a door opens and a senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s might be wandering away from the home.  

“My mom lives by herself and has fallen three times, which is a serious concern to me and our larger family network,” said Gene Wang, CEO of People Power. “We designed Presence Family Care to help seniors like her confidently stay in their homes longer by delivering insights of their day-to-day wellness to their Trusted Circle along with the integrated Presence Family Emergency Call Center for issues that require an urgent response.”

While the Presence Family Care Pack today launched to the general public, People Power also offers white-labeled senior care solutions and has worked closely with industry experts including Tri-Cura Inc. to identify commercial market needs. People Power plans to expand partnerships with businesses in the senior care industry including professional care providers and healthcare solution providers.

“Our elders deserve the right to choose how they want to age. Technology is the only way that aging at home moves from a luxury for a few to a reality for all,” said Greg McCarthy, Founder and CEO of TheraCare. “Having spent 20 years in the health and home care industry, I’ve long waited for the right company to come along with a research-backed approach to respectfully monitor and proactively support an affordable way for seniors to thrive in place. People Power hits it out-of-the-park with Presence Family Care, a customizable solution tailored to an individual's needs that will allow peace of mind to both our elders and their loved ones – at long last.”

The Presence Family Care Pack is available now at the introductory price of $299 for a limited time. It is designed to perform in homes of approximately 1,500 square feet. For larger living environments, additional motion sensors that extend the service are available for purchase in the Presence Family store, along with other devices aimed at serving a variety of senior care use cases.

If a Care Pack is purchased within 90-days after introduction, the initial three months of service will be provided free – a savings of $119.85. After the free introductory monthly service expires, the Presence Family Monitoring service – including Trusted Circle and Emergency Call Center Monitoring – will cost only $39.95 per month. Care Pack is available for purchase at

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