Median Salary For Specialty Provider Organization CEOs Is $159,500: OPEN MINDS Releases Results Of The 2019 Executive Compensation & Retention Survey

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Gettysburg, Pa, Oct. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Specialty provider organization chief executive officers (CEOs) have an annual salary of $159,500 in 2019. Salaries of CEOs vary most by the size of the specialty provider organization. Among 2019 respondents, 67% of CEOs at specialty provider organizations with less than $10 million in revenue made less than $150,000. For organizations with $10-$50 million in revenue, only 18% of CEOs make less than $150,000. At organizations with more than $50 million in revenue, no CEO made less than $150,000.

These results were reported in the OPEN MINDS annual survey on executive compensation and retention for specialty provider organizations, which was generously sponsored by Core Solutions. The survey included results from over 350 specialty provider organization executives across behavioral health, child and family services, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The survey provides information on executive compensation by market and organizational size, the number of executives planning to leave their organization by market and size, why executives are planning to leave their organization, and whether or not they believe they are replaceable at the same pay. Additionally, the survey contains a comparison of 2018 and 2019 respondents for trends.

A summary of these findings was presented by Monica E. Oss, chief executive officer of OPEN MINDS during the opening keynote presentation of The 2019 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat, and was reported on in The OPEN MINDS Circle Daily Executive Briefing, “ The Workforce Challenge Isn’t Only For Direct Service Staff”.

In a changing health and human services market, organizations must be able to attract and retain highly skilled executives who have the competencies to succeed in a complex market. The survey: Trends In Specialty Provider Organization Executive Compensation & Retention: The OPEN MINDS 2019 Survey provides the market research that health and human services organizations need to inform their succession planning and executive compensation packages. The survey includes information on:

  1. Trends in executive cash compensation by market–behavioral health, child and family services, long-term services and supports, and intellectual and developmental disabilities, and primary care–by organizational revenue, and by executive level.
  2. Trends in the number of executives who plan to leave their organization in the next year and the reason they plan to leave their organization. Data is broken down by market, revenue, and executive level.
  3. Trends in whether executives believe they can be replaced at the same pay. Data is broken down by market, revenue, and executive level.

A free copy of Trends In Specialty Provider Organization Executive Compensation & Retention: The OPEN MINDS 2019 Survey is available to all readers due to the generous sponsorship of Core Solutions.

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