Grosvenor Americas Debuts Public Art Pieces by prominent local artists at Connaught in Edgemont Village

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grosvenor Americas is pleased to announce the installation of two distinctive public art pieces and eleven sculptural benches at their newest mixed-use development, Connaught in Edgemont Village. The artworks were created by world-renowned, local artists i.e. Creative and Brent Comber. The art installations will live permanently at Connaught.

Cheryl Hamilton and Michael Vandermeer of i.e. Creative were invited to create a public art piece unique to its permanent location at Connaught. The public art by i.e. Creative, titled “Dendrochron” is a 2.74-meter sculpture that encapsulates bronze and stainless-steel elements.

Michael Vandermeer explains, “Dendrochron references pre-colonial forests, the local history of industrial logging, and the West Coast modern culture of Edgemont Village. Cheryl Hamilton adding, “Our artwork combines both nature and physics, melding both art and science and we are excited to occupy this space at Connaught to showcase Dendrochron.”

Comber, whose works are comprised of locally sourced materials and produced at his local studio, has been sought after by architects, interior designers and high-profile art collectors from all around the world. His artworks that will be on public display at Connaught are titled “Shattered Sphere”, as well as “Seaglass”, which is a collection of sculptural benches.

“Each of the pieces explore the use of wood and what connects people to the Pacific Northwest,” says Brent Comber. “I grew up on the North Shore and I am excited to be showcasing work that reflects the natural wonders around us at Connaught. My hope is that the residents and community members will come experience, interact and connect with the artworks”.

“We recognize and appreciate the important role public art plays and we have a strong desire to make public art more accessible to not only our residents but the broader community,” says Michael Ward, Senior Vice President Development and General Manager, Vancouver of Grosvenor Americas. “It is our honour to continue our contribution to the local art community to shine light on talented artists like i.e. Creative and Brent Comber.”

The public art contributions at Connaught complement the collection of public art Grosvenor has curated at their development in the District of West Vancouver, Grosvenor Ambleside. Similarly, with the public art program at Grosvenor Ambleside, Grosvenor has pushed the boundaries on the public art requirements at Connaught, demonstrating their ongoing support to local arts and culture, community vibrancy, and promoting neighbourhood engagement.

All art installations are now open to the public at Connaught in Edgemont Village.

About Grosvenor Americas

Grosvenor Americas is an active developer, investor and co-investor across Canada and the USA. Our strategy is to invest in vibrant urban locations where our activities can make a positive contribution to neighbourhoods and communities. 

Our active development pipeline focuses on projects in urban, transit-oriented and/or amenity-rich neighbourhoods and includes Crescent, in San Francisco and The Pacific in downtown Vancouver, as well as the second phase of Grosvenor Ambleside in West Vancouver. Our Structured Development Finance programme invests in apartment, condominium, town home and mixed-use developments across our active markets, with a focus on vibrant, well-connected locations. Our Investment programme adds value to residential, retail and commercial assets in high-quality places.

Grosvenor Americas is part of the Grosvenor Group, one of the world’s largest privately-owned property companies which develops, manages and invests in property in more than 60 cities around the world. 

As at 31 December 2018, Grosvenor Americas had assets under management of CAD $5.2bn. 

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About Brent Comber

Brent Comber Originals is an art and design studio that creates sculpted objects, functional pieces and design environments. Brent initially began working with wood as a garden designer in early 1990, creating pieces to compliment his Pacific Rim-inspired gardens. Using solid pieces of wood, Brent found a new take on furniture design that truly integrated with the landscape.

Materials are sustainably sourced from the surrounding area and milled at his waterfront studio. Through the exploration of materials; wood, stone, glass, resources are taken at their purest form and transformed into objects of recognition, yet the fundamental elements remain. Brent takes care to ensure that every piece retains its story, its relationship with the greater system, and that this story remains visible throughout his body of work.

Brent is the fourth generation of his family to be raised within the Pacific Northwest. Ranging from residential to commercial installations, his aesthetic interpretation of the coast has been recognized both locally and globally, showing as far as Paris, London, Japan, Bora Bora and beyond. Brent continues to explore themes unique to the Pacific Northwest that connect people to this unparalleled setting and the history and dynamism of the landscape.

About i.e. Creative
Artists Cheryl Hamilton & Michael Vandermeer form the artistic collaboration that is ie: They believe that art can serve to inspire and provide a moment of celebration and community interaction when placed outside the gallery walls and into public space. 

Cheryl and Michael work with themes that involve nature and physics, combining their different backgrounds: art and science respectively. Their differing perspectives are sometimes humorously described as imperial versus metric. This difference allows them to create an exchange about a project right from the beginning. As they continue to generate discussion, they eliminate the ideas that fall short of continued dialogue. This allows them to create artworks that sustain conversation. Their artwork is also a physical intersection between philosophy and craft.

As artists that fabricate and install their own work, practicalities such as material choices, production schedules and production techniques are considered from the moment of an idea’s germination. Their pride and focus on production techniques and high-quality craftsmanship lead to results that capture the attention of viewers who may not normally engage in conceptual artwork.


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