Naboso™ Technology Announces Acceptance into Startup Incubator Program with Upward Labs

The leading proprioceptive insole company is furthering product research and effects on the aging community with a $300,000 investment

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Naboso™ Technology, a leading proprioceptive insole and mat company, announces its acceptance into Upward Labs, a unique pilot and accelerator program that aligns startups with decision-makers in their respective industries and organizes the piloting of their technology with the program’s partners from day one. Naboso™ Technology was accepted into Upward Labs’ Aged Care pilot program, which is a category that tests effectiveness of products to better the nursing home, assisted-living and home healthcare industries, as well as additional verticals that are looking to get involved in this space. This program will support Naboso’s™ Medical Division and applications in neurorehabilitation while allowing Naboso™ to conduct studies to validate its products. Over the span of this six-month program, Naboso™ Technology will receive an investment of $300,000 in funds, services and programming.

Founded by leading podiatrist and human movement expert, Dr. Emily Splichal, Naboso™ Technology uses a patent-pending textured neuro material specifically designed to stimulate the nerves on the bottom of the feet, resulting in an increased foot awareness and an improvement in balance and stability. Through this program, Dr. Splichal and the Naboso™ team will be living and working in downtown Hartford, Connecticut where they will have access to top commercial, residential and senior care program partners to pilot their products and prove its efficacy.

“This opportunity with Upward Labs provides an invaluable opportunity to conduct the pilot studies needed to validate our neuro material and to start the FDA clearance process,” said Splichal. “To date Naboso™ has already helped so many in neurorehabilitation, we are excited to see the future of Naboso™ Technology and where this six month program can take us.”

Naboso™ Technology was originally founded to help those living with chronic neurological issues, including Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s by helping them regain confidence when walking. Since then, Naboso™ has been able to help an even wider group of people – from fitness enthusiasts and athletes to those with foot pain or postural discomfort.

Upward Labs is dedicated to developing startups in its two pilot programs: Smart Buildings and Aged Care. The Aged Care lab is partnered with companies that allow the startups access to over 100 assisted-living units and 100 home healthcare homes. This is especially important for Naboso™ since baby boomers are trending to stay in their homes as they age, initiating the pivoting of the home healthcare industry to meet the needs of their clients. The industry is adapting to a “value care” ideology, and Upward Labs is supporting this by accelerating startups and their technology to aid with this shift in home healthcare.

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About Naboso Technology:
Naboso™ Technology, a leading proprioceptive insole and mat company aims to improve stability, strength and coordination through the use of a patent-pending textured material. Naboso™ (meaning "barefoot" in Czech) Technology products target the small nerve proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet, which no other commercial product can do. Dr. Emily Splichal, founder of Naboso™ Technology and Functional Podiatrist, based her products on research supporting how the skin on the bottom of the foot can stimulate the nervous system. Born out of the need to help people through neurological rehabilitation, Naboso™ Technology has created products to help in human performance for athletes, and wellness in the average person.

About Upward
Upward is global incubator with a vision to re-invigorate second-tier cities through a generation of innovators with ideas that are fostered through connection, learning and experience. In the last year, Upward’s foundation city, Hartford CT, has started to transform into a thriving ecosystem and Upward has facilitated pilots and deals between startups from all over the world and major Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in the city. With the introduction of Labs, Upward is inviting startups globally to be a part of this movement and maximize their potential to effect real change.

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