Epiq Strengthens Cloud-Enabled Information Governance and eDiscovery Expertise in Asia-Pacific

Kansas City, Kansas, UNITED STATES

HONG KONG, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry, announced that acclaimed information governance (IG) expert, Elizabeth Fogerty, will lead the Epiq IG practice across the Asia-Pacific region as the director of strategic relationships and compliance consulting.

A study commissioned by Epiq reports that acceptance of cloud-based data storage is accelerating and over 75% of buyers for eDiscovery and related services expect to increase use of the public cloud to host discovery data in the next three years, viewing it as cheaper, more efficient and scalable than private server hosting. Despite their interest, companies grapple with potential security and reputational risks as well as the complexities of preparing data for migration.

Based in Hong Kong, Fogerty has significant knowledge of cloud migration and the regulatory and compliance challenges that accompany migration. She brings considerable expertise to companies that are interested in transitioning to cloud-enabled solutions. Fogerty will drive the client strategy for data security, compliance, eDiscovery, data classification, data retention, and defensible deletion in cloud-based storage systems.

“Enterprises face increasing challenges with data management complexities, costs, and exposure to fines and reputational damage due to missteps in their migration to the cloud and management of cloud data,” said Fogerty. “Our expertise is guiding clients’ migration to the cloud and maximizing the full suite of compliance and security capabilities native to Microsoft 365. Organizations will garner more control over their digital information through migration to the cloud.”

Epiq has been working closely with global law firms and corporations to solve eDiscovery challenges in Asia for over a decade. Recent changes in privacy laws have increased the demand for IG compliance solutions worldwide. In Asia, investments in information technology infrastructure are contributing to what is expected to be the fastest growth in the global eDiscovery market. Expansion of cross-border litigation has increased the number of eDiscovery-relevant matters and the presence of more international law firms in Asia has amplified demand for eDiscovery experts like Epiq.

Fogerty serves on the Microsoft Office 365 Partner Advisory Council which is an invitation-only council of experts that influence Office 365 product development. “Elizabeth is a trusted subject matter expert on privacy and compliance cloud service capabilities within Microsoft Office 365,” said Joe Porter, senior director at the Microsoft 365 Center of Excellence. “Microsoft’s partnership with compliance partners like Epiq are super important as we seek to enhance the customer experience and value of our compliance services. Elizabeth is invaluable in our partnership and brings the needed insights that inform our mutual strategy which help shape our product roadmap.”

Epiq offers a full suite of information governance and eDiscovery solutions that allow clients to take control of digital information and mitigate regulatory and compliance risks. Epiq and Microsoft will jointly offer workshops, trainings, and pilot programs to help organizations throughout the APAC region make the most of their investment in Microsoft technology by leveraging the security and compliance features within Microsoft 365.

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