BrandVerge Addresses Growing Demand to Connect Advertisers and Podcast Producers

Launches Centralized On-Demand Marketplace with Over 100 + Podcast sponsorships including NPR, Vox Media Podcast Network, WarnerMedia Podcast Network and Wonder Media Network

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BrandVerge, a premium advertising marketplace that connects media companies and advertisers on-demand, today announced it has expanded to include podcast programming to its platform. Today’s launch addresses a growing demand in the industry to provide advertisers with a unique destination to discover and evaluate podcasts and to reach a new, diverse set of media consumers. BrandVerge revolutionizes the process in which podcast producers reach advertisers, making it much easier to promote their unique content and sponsorship offerings, and achieve higher quality sales leads.

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BrandVerge is launching with over 100 podcast sponsorships available in its on-demand marketplace including offerings from NPR, Vox Podcast Network, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, and Wonder Media Network, among many others. BrandVerge will be exhibiting its platform at IAB Podcast Upfront on October 16 in New York City.

Podcast popularity continues to explode, with on-the-go consumers constantly looking to consume content for entertainment, education, and professional development. According to the Nielsen Q3 2017 Podcast Insights report, 50 percent of people in the United States listen to podcasts. These listeners are affluent, educated and loyal. Eighty percent listen to their podcasts in entirety and consume an average of seven podcasts a week per the 2018 Infinite Dial study by Edison Research and Triton Digital. According to BrandVerge’s own survey that targeted over 300 of its buyers, all expressed interested in exploring podcast advertising, describing it as a targeted, authentic and turnkey opportunity. However more than 40 percent found buying podcast advertising to be challenging.

To date, the fragmented podcast space has been difficult to navigate for advertisers and agencies wanting to connect with this growing audience. Without a single destination to uncover all available sponsorship opportunities, it’s hard for advertisers to understand the landscape. Conversely, podcasters that sell advertising and sponsorships have tended to work with a limited amount of advertisers, making it difficult for them to find new brand partners. With the addition of podcast sponsorships to the BrandVerge platform, buyers and sellers now have a single place to gain a new level of insight into podcast opportunities, and the ability to quickly and easily explore and enable new partnerships.

“The podcast market is booming, as more people turn towards audio content, creating new opportunities for brands to reach highly targeted and loyal audiences,” said Lynn Browne, Co-Founder, BrandVerge. “Until now, finding and engaging with podcast producers has been challenging for larger brands. Just like with our digital offering, the BrandVerge platform is saving advertisers and agency teams 60 percent of the time it normally takes to gather the details required to plan podcast sponsorships. We are excited to launch our offering today and be the go-to platform that connects over 100 of the most exciting podcast producers with advertisers – and do it in an industry-changing way.”

Using BrandVerge allows advertisers to plan high-touch programs, providing buyers and sellers with a more efficient process that saves time and money. For example, in early tests by podcast producers using the BrandVerge platform, 66 percent of the leads received resulted in new business. Of those deals, 80 percent closed in 45 days or less.

BrandVerge makes it easy for advertisers and agencies to explore the marketplace for podcasts in one single destination. BrandVerge enables buyers to search and filter based on the planning criteria that is the most relevant to them (e.g. budget, timing, content category, etc.), allowing users to develop a short list of opportunities in just a few clicks. Advertisers can quickly understand the top media outlets, types of sponsorship opportunities that exist and the preferred way to connect and start working with podcasters on brand sponsorships as part of a completely seamless and transparent process.

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