Wyebot Raises $2.5M to Provide WiFi Assurance for Enterprise, Educational, and Healthcare Facilities Nationwide

Announces general availability of its Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP), already providing AI-based optimization of more than 10M client devices across the U.S.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wyebot, the leader in autonomic WiFi assurance for education, enterprise, and healthcare facilities, today announced it has raised $2.5M through a successful Series-Seed funding round led by Innospark Ventures and Tectonic Ventures.

The company also announced the general availability of its Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) to enterprise, educational, and healthcare facilities following a successful rollout that has enabled AI-based optimization of more than 10M network devices across the U.S.

The Wyebot WIP combines on-premise sensor hardware and cloud-based, vendor agnostic software that integrates seamlessly with any existing network infrastructure. Its advanced wireless optimization algorithms work alongside next-generation predictive analytics to identify potential threats or problems to keep the WiFi network up and running reliably and efficiently, while providing actionable steps to optimize performance. The Wyebot WIP reduces mean time to resolution by up to 90%, decreases WiFi problem tickets by 50%, and reduces remote site visits by 80%.

“We are excited to announce the broad availability of the Wyebot WIP and to bring robust WiFi assurance solutions to enterprise and educational facilities nationwide. Today’s business need for constant connectivity has created a burden on IT departments to keep an entire organization connected – especially difficult with the proliferation of distributed enterprises and campuses,” said Roger Sands, CEO, Wyebot. “Organizations can’t afford the lost productivity that occurs when their WiFi isn’t working or they are unable to access critical applications and information in the cloud. Our patent-pending AI-powered engine automatically identifies performance issues and recommends solutions both reactively, when the issues are occurring, and proactively before they impact users, ensuring maximum performance across the network. That is Wyebot Assurance.”

Enterprise. All businesses have applications that they use on a daily basis that are critical to their operations. WIP ensures that the WiFi network is performing to the best of its ability to keep those applications running efficiently. Additionally, each employee in an office likely has at least one personal device on the network each day, if not more, including computers, mobile phones, and smart watches. Add in printers, smart thermostats, and IoT facility devices such as lighting sensors, and your enterprise’s network can easily get bogged down. The Wyebot WIP provides 100% visibility into an enterprise’s dynamic environment – especially when distributed to employees in remote locations – and network problems are automatically recognized before they occur. No lost productivity means no lost opportunity.

“The ease of use of Wyebot’s plug-and-play solution enables us to proactively maintain the quality of our WiFi environment in our NY city headquarters,” said Puneet Kukkal, VP Engineering & Operations, Hachette Book Group. “The site had been suffering from intermittent WiFi issues that were hard to diagnose and fix prior to our Wyebot deployment. The Wyebot WIP platform and its actionable insights allow us to quickly narrow down the cause and solve the issue.”

Education. With the evolution of e-Learning and 1:1 computing, the number of devices operating on a particular educational facility’s network in terms of load, demand, capacity, density, and interference has increased by 100X. This can result in a 10X increase in the number of IT issues to solve, but with only a 1-2X growth in IT resources on average, school IT departments are having difficulty keeping pace. IT Administrators and schools as a whole need to know how new devices will impact an existing network, and what work needs to be done to ensure the network grows along with, or faster than, new e-Learning demands. 

Healthcare. Healthcare facilities rely on a strong wireless network to provide access to critical clinical and business data anytime, anywhere. Everything from patient monitoring devices to electronic medical records requires a reliable network, which must be able to support diverse devices and interoperability needs in order to support the lifesaving services offered at such facilities. Wyebot provides complete network visibility 24x7, helping overtaxed healthcare IT teams to provide rapid response times that enables healthcare practitioners to provide the best patient care possible.

“Even though WiFi is seemingly everywhere today, the necessary expertise and skillset to properly manage wireless networks is not as omnipresent. That’s why we’re so excited about Wyebot and its WIP – the AI capabilities and plug-and-play ease of use make it the ideal solution for any organization seeking WiFi assurance,” said Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Managing Director and Founder, Innospark Ventures. “Their unique combination of IoT device, cloud-based predictive AI engine, and intuitive analytics platform bring reliability and traceability to WiFi networks for businesses of any size. Packing such powerful technology and advanced analytics into a simple device, we think, is a winning combination. We believe Wyebot will make a significant impact on WiFi assurance considering the ubiquitous nature of WiFi and the explosion of IoT devices.”

To learn more about the Wyebot WIP, please visit our website or request a demo.

About Wyebot

Wyebot is the leader in autonomic WiFi assurance. Its vendor agnostic Wireless Intelligence Platform analyzes, optimizes and, using the patent-pending AI-based engine and market-leading multi-radio sensor, automatically provides problem and solution identification resulting in a 90% reduction in mean-time to problem resolution, a 50% reduction in WiFi problem tickets, and reduction in onsite problem-solving visits by up to 80%. For more information, please visit https://wyebot.com.

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