Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ Provides A Helping Hand To Local Communities

Ocean, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Ocean, New Jersey, Oct. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social responsibility is one of several key principles adopted by Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ. The company is committed to contributing to the upliftment of underprivileged communities. 

It comes as no surprise that it recently conducted a social audit, which was aimed at assessing its social impact against specific standards and expectations. The assessment enables decision-makers at Liberty to determine the degree of responsibility and social integration of the organization. This is measured in terms of relational capacity with different interest groups.

Some experts consider relational capital as one of the components of intellectual capital. This is linked to other aspects of the business, such as the organization's values and good practices.

Liberty is guided by a development model that seeks to share the rational exploitation of its resources and their regeneration. The principle views the company as an integral member of society with the duty to promote the development and the preservation of the environment where it conducts business. 

Fulfilling its obligations as a corporate citizen is a way of gaining trust and recognition in the society it operates. 

Corporate social responsibility

Liberty's corporate activities are guided by solid business ethics. These ethics incorporate a set of values, norms, and measures that organizations attach to their operations. This comes in the form of shared ideals and obligations around what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.

The company's social activities are formulated and implemented on the basis of strategic business planning. It associates philanthropic action with some economic benefits and competitive advantage. 

The action can also cover environmental management aimed at preventing, reducing, minimizing and eliminating the negative environmental impact that may affect the company's operations.

Social cause marketing entails campaigns supported by the marketing of products and services offered by developing countries and non-governmental organizations that channel aid to these countries.

A brighter future for all 

Although the term corporate social responsibility does not have a consensual definition, it can be understood as the ethical way of conducting the company's business so that it becomes a conduit for social development. This, in turn, translates to a brighter future for all. 

It entails the voluntary commitment of companies to the development of society and the preservation of the environment. In addition, it focuses on meeting the needs of stakeholders through specific strategies, the results of which have to be measured, verified and communicated appropriately. 

As such, Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ goes beyond merely complying with the established legal standard and achieving exclusively short-term economic results. The company engages in strategic planning that affects the decision-making and operations of the entire organization.

This approach creates long-term value, which significantly contributes to lasting competitive advantage. Corporate social responsibility covers human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, relationships with suppliers and the monitoring of stakeholder rights.

Corporate social responsibility should be useful to meet the needs of different interest groups. Therefore, the basic objective of social responsibility, according to provide consistent direction and management.


Liberty excels when it comes to the ability to recognize, accept and establish responses as a result of conscious analysis. It acts on charitable causes on its own accord.

On the business front, the company stands out in terms of great customer service, reliability and the provision of quality auto coverage. It comes as no surprise that the firm extended warranty packages attract interest from thousands of vehicle owners. The tiered plans provide multiple options to suit specific coverage requirements.


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