Konica Minolta Healthcare Expands Market for Ultrasound as First-time Exhibitor at American Society of Anesthesiology

Wayne, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

WAYNE, N.J., Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., has expanded its addressable market for the SONIMAGE® HS1 Ultrasound System into anesthesiology applications as a first-time exhibitor at the 2019 annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA). According to the New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA), ultrasound guidance in regional anesthesia has expanded use of peripheral nerve blockade (PNB), further refined many nerve block techniques and has led to greater acceptance by surgical colleagues and patients.1 Ultrasound guidance for anesthesia pain management enables more accurate placement of the needle to the target, allowing the anesthesiologist to avoid structures, such as nerve bundles, and visually confirm proper delivery of the injectate.

Konica Minolta also announces that the Pain Clinic of Michigan, an anesthesiology group practice, recently purchased a SONIMAGE® HS1 Compact Ultrasound System for use in interventional pain management procedures. According to Harry P. Sukumaran, MD, an anesthesiologist, for most patients a combination of medical management and intervention helps maintain pain levels at a minimum.

“Most of our interventions are performed with image guidance, including fluoroscopy,” Dr. Sukumaran explains. “However, as we perform more PNB procedures we have found that ultrasound helps us better visualize tissue. With the portability, high image quality and lack of ionizing radiation, the HS1 System is an ideal solution for needle guidance at the point-of-care.”   

A key feature of the SONIMAGE HS1 for facilitating ultrasound-guided pain management procedures is Simple Needle Visualization (SNV™) software. Using an advanced algorithm to improve needle visibility, SNV feature helps clinicians increase accuracy in needle placement, making it the ideal solution for guided injections in pain management. SNV also adjusts the sensitivity of needle visualization depending on the type of tissue and an auto setting takes the guesswork out of where to steer the ultrasound beam. SONIMAGE HS1 simplifies system operation during ultrasound needle guidance so the anesthesiologist can focus on the patient and procedure.

Added functionality assists the anesthesiologist with simplified, hands-free operation of the system during procedures. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition technology, SONIMAGE HS1 provides voice controls so clinicians can hold the transducer in one hand and a needle in the other hand. UltraAdjust™ one-touch image optimization enables the user to automatically change multiple imaging parameters, such as frequency, focus and compounding, by simply adjusting the depth.

“As point-of-care ultrasound continues to increase in use, image quality and efficiency as well as ease of operation are important features that impact clinical utility and deliver real economic benefits to our customers,” says Joan Toth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “The HS1 System assists anesthesiologists to do more at the point of care for their patients and practice.”

Konica Minolta showcased the SONIMAGE HS1, the SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound System and SNV in booth #1241 at ASA 2019. The company will also exhibit at the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, November 14-16 in booth #507.

1. Introduction to Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia. New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA). Available at: https://www.nysora.com/foundations-of-regional-anesthesia/equipment/introduction-ultrasound-guided-regional-anesthesia/.

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