Velocity Partners With OneStream Software to Provide Implementation & Support Expertise for Customers Around the Globe

Charlotte, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Velocity Technology Solutions Inc., a global leader in enterprise cloud application management services, today announced its Silver Partnership with OneStream Software. Velocity will provide implementation services and support of OneStream’s unified corporate performance management (CPM) platform that helps CFO organizations streamline their reporting needs with one source of truth. 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Velocity as we extend our presence around the globe,” said Craig Colby, chief revenue officer of OneStream. “Each OneStream partner undergoes rigorous training to ensure full compliance with our mission of 100 percent customer success. We believe that a strategic partnership with Velocity is ideal for the evolving needs of our customers on a global scale, and together we will provide our shared customers with a SmartCPM™ solution that eliminates inefficiencies and allows them to get back to business.”

OneStream provides a unified, SmartCPM platform that simplifies and aligns financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality.  OneStream eliminates the risk and complexity of data integration, validation and reconciliation between multiple products, applications or modules, and makes non-integrated CPM suites are a thing of the past.

"We are very excited about our partnership with OneStream and the capabilities of its unified platform solution,” said Mike Piloto, vice president of the EPM, BI & BPO Lines of Business at Velocity. “We believe our team’s expertise seamlessly fits with OneStream's implementation best practices and goal to solve sophisticated problems for sophisticated customers. We look forward to contributing to OneStream's growing customer base."

About Velocity Technology Solutions

Velocity is reinventing cloud services and enterprise application management. Our solutions give CIOs and their teams more control over using technology to produce better business results. We accelerate IT from a reactive cost center to a proactive and agile enabler. With Velocity, industry leaders improve asset management and performance reporting from a financial standpoint by leveraging big data, analytics and integrated hosting solutions. From the technical side, Velocity ensures maximum availability, performance, and user access of IT systems, so businesses can operate as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. For more information, visit

About OneStream Software 

OneStream Software provides a market-leading CPM solution that unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations. Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream’s unified platform enables organizations to modernize Finance, replace multiple legacy applications, and reduce the total cost of ownership of financial systems. OneStream unleashes Finance teams to spend less time on data integration and system maintenance – and more time focusing on driving business performance.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace features over 50 downloadable solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their CPM platform to meet the changing needs of Finance and Operations.

Chris Carlson