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Calix announces the Revenue EDGE, the industry’s only scalable application platform designed to deliver service provider managed services that delight subscribers and crush the competition

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today unveiled the Revenue EDGE, a revolutionary subscriber experience solution that promises to transform communications service provider (CSP) business models. The explosion of applications and devices at the subscriber edge represents the greatest opportunity for CSPs to create managed experiences that generate new revenue streams. Hundreds of CSPs have already deployed systems, powered by Wi-Fi 6, to deliver the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience. The Revenue EDGE builds on this powerful foundation by integrating real-time subscriber insights and new revenue-generating EDGE Suites—ExperienceIQ™ and ProtectIQ™. These new application suites will help CSPs solve and support the rapidly-growing management and security complexities of the smart, connected home.  Thanks to the uniquely scalable EXOS architecture, Calix will offer nine applications via the Revenue EDGE by 2020.

“We have experienced immense success with Calix-based managed Wi-Fi over the last few years and see this platform as the logical next step in the evolution of the ALLO subscriber experience,” said Brad Moline, president of ALLO Communications. “We have been collaborating with Calix on this revolutionary new platform since its inception and appreciate their approach to partnership. Not only will Calix deliver new experiences that will further differentiate our offerings as the best in our market, but they are also committed to assisting our marketing and operating teams with the roll-out of the offerings. This set of solutions will enable us to outmaneuver larger competitors as we quickly bring new experiences to fiber communities and BLAST the competition.”

Web-scale and over-the-top (OTT) players such as Google and Amazon are moving aggressively to stake their claim in subscribers’ homes. With the Revenue EDGE, CSPs can fight back by building on their strategic position as the home connectivity provider. Because CSPs can deliver and manage every Revenue EDGE service and application for the subscriber, they can eliminate the complexity and performance issues that typically impact services such as Wi-Fi, network security, parental controls, and home automation. In short, CSPs can offer a value proposition that over-the-top consumer solutions simply cannot match.

“There is an immense need for this type of solution, particularly in the smart home, as the industry has morphed into a place where communications service providers are on one side of the spectrum and consumers are on the other,” said Mark Vena, senior analyst for Moor Insights and Strategy. “The subscriber edge in between the two is increasing in complexity, and the market has become fragmented among consumer vendors. End-to-end visibility is paramount, and this solution positions CSPs to take the lead, as it enables them to compete with the consumer brands that have spent years capitalizing on their network investments without giving anything back.”

The end-to-end Revenue EDGE solution includes:

  • EDGE Insights: Calix Support Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud deliver real-time analytics and insights to ensure CSPs are providing a seamless experience that is tailored to the needs of individual subscribers. The company with the best data wins. Period.
  • EDGE Systems: The GigaSpire BLAST, powered by EXOS, is the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 system that provides unmatched coverage and nearly infinite application scalability. This ensures the CSP is able to offer new revenue generating experiences as the Revenue EDGE ecosystem expands beyond the applications offered today.
  • EDGE Services: Foundational managed services and applications—advanced managed Wi-Fi, Alexa Voice Services, Broadband Performance Testing, and marketing campaign delivery—are controlled by subscribers via the intuitive and customizable CommandIQ™ mobile app.  
  • EDGE Suites: ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ are the first two application suites developed with a growing ecosystem of partners that provide revenue generating subscriber experiences. ExperienceIQ provides industry leading parental controls and will expand to include robust application QoS that can be managed by the subscriber or the CSP through Support Cloud. ProtectIQ allows CSPs to protect and manage subscriber networks from a host of threats; viruses, malware, intrusion and phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware, and malware websites.
  • EDGE Enablement: Calix Professional Services and Customer Success Services, training,  and marketing programs help CSPs quickly launch new offerings and leverage industry best practices to accelerate time to market and maximize ROI.

Leading service providers like GVTC are leveraging the Revenue EDGE to dramatically improve subscriber experience and generate new revenue streams.

“GVTC Premium Wi-Fi powered by Wi-Fi 6 is an absolute game-changer for GVTC, as we are able to deliver the best services over Wi-Fi 6 ahead of our competitors, and have a clear roadmap to easily offering new subscriber experiences that we can monetize,” said George O’Neal, vice president of network services for GVTC. “As we continue to focus on innovative ways to bring value to our customers, we anticipate rolling out a steady stream of new services that enhance the world-class network we have worked so hard to build. Calix is enabling us to deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience and maintain our keen focus on the communities we serve.”

“Calix was the first in the world to announce a carrier-class Wi-Fi 6 system—the GigaSpire BLAST powered by EXOS—at ConneXions 2018,” said Michael Weening, executive VP of field operations for Calix. “While we are thrilled by the response from service providers, we are even more excited to announce the next step in our evolution at ConneXions 2019. The Revenue EDGE has been assembled as an end-to-end solution to exceed what the CSP needs to win in a market that becomes increasingly competitive every day. The Revenue EDGE starts with data and insights from Calix Cloud, is enabled by carrier-class market leading systems, and comes to life this year with an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications that create new experiences. Today we announced five new applications, which will bring our total application count to nine, demonstrating the scalability of the Revenue EDGE solution and the opportunity for CSPs and our partners to succeed together. Most importantly, though, we understand how important this solution is to enable CSP success, which is why we launched EDGE Enablement. We are committed to expanding the Revenue EDGE through 2020 with partners such as Samsung SmartThings. However, we are equally committed to providing the world-class training, best practices, collateral, and customer success collaboration that CSP operations, support, and marketing teams need to speed their journey to the best experiences in their market and new sources of revenue.”

For more information on the Revenue EDGE, EXOS or other Calix platforms visit us online. Also click here to view the livestream from ConneXions 2019, the industry’s premier innovation and learning conference.

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