Alki David to Rep Self in Allred & Goldberg's Latest Fake MeToo Trial

Last month the FilmOn CEO represented himself against a related case brought by Lisa Bloom, which ended in a mistrial in David’s favor, 8-4

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Alki David announced he is representing himself in Mahim Kahn v. Alki David in L.A. Superior Court. His companies, including FilmOn Networks (FOTV Media Networks) and Hologram USA will still be represented by Elly Garofolo of Venable LLC. The trial begins today. 

“When the jury hears my side of the story, and when the plaintiffs and witnesses who have been coached to lie are exposed by my cross examinations, my point gets across,” said Alki David. “This is a coordinated conspiracy by Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom to exploit the ideals of the MeToo movement for their own profit. I am going to show that Kahn’s allegations are baseless, and that what The Bloom Firm and Allred Maroko & Goldberg have been doing is criminal. And then I’m going to utterly destroy them.”

David’s fight against the two firms coincide with outrageous revelations about both Allred and Bloom. Summer Zervos recently said in the Daily Beast she hopes to stop Allred from victimizing any more women over the way the attorney treated her in her claims against President Donald Trump. Allred was revealed to have put her own publicity concerns ahead of her client’s best interests. Allred was also revealed to have profited off of large hush money payments that silenced Harvey Weinstein accusers for decades, according to NPR. Bloom also faces a massive lawsuit from Rose McGowan for the dirty work she did on behalf of Harvey Weinstein, intending to destroy McGowan’s reputation in the media and terrorize her, according to The New York Times.

Alki David denies all of Kahn’s allegations and will show in trial that the plaintiff’s expected witnesses, Chasity Jones and Elizabeth Taylor, have lied under oath in recent trials. All are former employees of FOTV and FilmOn. David is also working on legislative reform to close the loopholes that allow unethical attorneys to profit off of reputation destruction without merit. There are questions about whether David can get a fair trial in California. Judge Michelle Court has already said he will not be able to testify on his own behalf, raising possible First Amendment issues. 

“My methods in court may be unconventional,” said Alki David. “But we’re at a turning point in employment law, in the culture really, and if Allred and Goldberg and the Bloom Firm  are allowed to continue their crime spree it will have a lasting effect on the whole nation. There is nothing about what they are doing that is respectable or ethical or that any state bar would endorse. So we fight.”

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About FOTV Media Networks: FOTV Media Networks and FilmOn Networks are the streaming TV platform founded by Alki David. FilmOn has been called the pioneer of the cord cutting era. The company has offices in London and Hollywood. FilmOn offers over 700 streaming TV channels free and on a subscription basis, plus thousands of VOD films. For more information: 


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