Location Intelligence Company Offers a Free Beta Trial for Cannabis Industry Stakeholders to Track Consumer Behaviour Pre- and Post-Purchase

GroundLevel Insights enables companies to make more informed business decisions based on the behavioural habits of cannabis consumers.

Pickering, Ontario, CANADA

Pickering, ON, Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadian-based intelligence company, GroundLevel Insights, is launching a free beta trial for industry stakeholders to gather information about cannabis consumers' activities before and after purchase. The goal of the AI platform is to gain insight into the behavioural patterns of cannabis consumers and to procure data to help stakeholders make well-informed business decisions. 

GroundLevel Insights is a leading location intelligence, data analytics and market enabling company and the only global provider of data about the behavioural habits of cannabis consumers before and after a transaction. The company aggregates the location data of consumers collected from various reliable sources, filters it through a proprietary artificial intelligence platform and converts it into unique insights on the behaviours of consumers.

"The cannabis industry has several data platforms shedding light on the market based on sales transactions and revenue. What has been missing so far is behavioural information on the consumers - where are these consumers from, where do they go after they visit a dispensary, clinic or CBD/hemp retailer, what else are they interested in beyond cannabis and more of such related information. The answers lie in "location data" and "movement science," says Asif R. Khan, Founder and CEO, GroundLevel Insights.”

GroundLevel Insights' transformational pioneering AI and location data science platform gives answers to critical questions around cannabis market analysis, such as social media engagement, location listings, and the physical movements of buyers and sellers. The platform has an extremely robust data set and includes over 150 billion rows per month. 

GroundLevel Insights is inviting major stakeholders in the cannabis industry to participate in this trial, including retail and medical clinics, licensed producers and service providers, government and regulatory bodies, market research companies, and advertising agencies. For those interested in subscribing to the free trial, the platform is easy to use and even easier to sign up. Simply, go to http://app.groundlevelinsights.com.


GroundLevel Insights is an unparalleled start-up that is brought to life by a team with its origins in movement science and location intelligence. The team brings a wealth of experience in product development and brand marketing from globally successful brands such as Groupon, Starbucks, Netscape and Yelp. The team is led by Founder & CEO, Asif R. Khan, who is known globally as the "Lord of Location" a respected speaker, author and investor in the location-based marketing and data intelligence space. GroundLevel Insights has completed a seed round of funding and will begin raising a Series A in November.


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