View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Takes Delivery from Lab of their First Homeopathic Cannabis products and Initiates Manufacturing of Cannabis Cosmetic Products in Colombia for Mass Distribution.


Company already has health registrations for several products and is applying for more.

Cali, Colombia, Oct. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) announces their medical marijuana and hemp subsidiary, Sannabis S.A.S., initiated a production of a line of cannabis derived cosmetic products using Colombian cannabis certified by INVIMA, Colombia’s Heath Authority. Sannabis was one of the first companies in Colombia with an INVIMA Health Registration for cannabis derived products. In association with partners, they have several health registrations and are applying for more.

Sannabis is setting up a new office and training center in Cali, Colombia to begin mass distribution of these products. They’ve begun hiring an experienced sales force to penetrate the Colombian market on a large scale with several brands that are being tailored to target Colombia and the World, they have begun an innovative mass commercialization initiative. Sannabis has a known trajectory with doctors and patients who have benefited most from Sannabis. Their Indigenous partners have been making Sannabis branded products since 2014 with very positive anecdotal results.

Many Sannabis patients truly believe their products gave them a better life. One patient who came to Colombia from Norway some time ago, wrote this week to Sannabis,” thanks for giving me back my life… I’m in good shape now, no more Cancer. I tell my friends, family, and doctors all the time about you and refer them to your website to try to help you…” The Company is not making any claims whatsoever and believes that much more research needs to be done, but that doesn’t stop patients and their doctors from recommending cannabis and sharing their results.

In July, the Company announced the launch of a new line of cannabis homeopathic products. In September they announced their lab had begun the manufacturing process of these products. Today, Sannabis announces they took delivery this week of their first production run of these homeopathic products that are formulated with cannabis extract certified by Colombian authorities.

The homeopathic and natural healing industry and society is very prominent in Colombia. In many neighborhoods, homeopathic doctors are all that’s available using the many herbs, plants, and natural therapies this country has been blessed with. Cannabis dipped in alcohol has always been used by grandmothers for generations for aches and pains. Sannabis is simply reeducating this generation and others about the healing benefits of Cannabis and its availability now in a registered product.

These homeopathic cannabis products are sold to patients by prescription from physicians. Sannabis’ new sales office, training, and medical center will have an in-house doctor that will see patients and prescribe the right product for their needs. Their sales team will be aggressively marketing to the alternative medicine and holistic society by signing up well respected homeopathic caregivers as distributors.

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View Systems Inc. ( is the developer of the ViewScan Weapons Detection System, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sanctioned product used by law enforcement and correctional facilities, government agencies, schools, courthouses, special events, sports venues, military, and commercial businesses. View Systems acquired Colombian Cannabis company, Sannabis, to diversify into the burgeoning Cannabis industry with new management committed to continue developing their ViewScan Weapons Detection System in Colombia for the local and international market. View Systems intends to file for a name and symbol change in the near future, however, they will continue to develop their newly enhanced state of the art ViewScan products in Barranquilla, Colombia for the local and international markets.

ViewScan is installed at government agencies in Washington, DC and elsewhere, major school systems, correctional facilities, ports, and police stations around the world. View Scan has also been used at events where top security clearance is required for former Presidents. In this Market Survey Report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ViewScan demonstrated more features than their top competitors,

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