HP and Adobe Fuel New Era of 3D Production Technology for Creatives

Project Captis to power creative workflows with digital capturing from 2D to 3D

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at Adobe® MAX, HP Inc. and Adobe announced Project Captis, a collaboration between HP and Adobe to develop and deliver an end-to-end product that can transform physical materials into digital 3D materials, equipping users with workflow efficiency gains while helping reduce time and costs. Project Captis takes advantage of Z by HP technology and Adobe Substance Alchemist software to take creative workflows to the next level.

HP and Adobe plan to deliver Project Captis to partners across various industries, including game development, ecommerce, architecture and fashion, among others. Project Captis kicks off at Adobe MAX and will run through 2020.

“HP is at the forefront of bridging digital and physical worlds by providing a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and solutions to the creative community, and we will continue to progress as the landscape and needs of creators evolve,” said Alex Cho, president, Personal Systems, HP Inc. “Today, with Adobe and Project Captis, we are raising the bar for how creative pros manage their digital workflows and evolve their craft.”

“At Adobe we’re passionate about building tools and services empowering digital artists,” said Sebastien Deguy, VP of 3D & Immersive, Adobe. “Our collaboration with HP through Project Captis takes us one step closer to the fastest and most efficient way for creatives to digitalize materials and use them in their 3D design process.”

Studio of the Future: Changing the Way the World Creates

Creating innovative solutions for the high-end creator space for more than 80 years, only HP can be trusted to innovate across all phases of the creative process. The HP ”Create Ecosystem” spans Personal Systems, 2D Imaging, 3D Printing, and Digital Manufacturing.


  • Capture inspiration from the physical world and bring it into the digital
  • Create concepts in real time with the powerful tools a creator deserves
  • Experience ideas in a new way by bringing them to life in the physical world

A transformation in today’s creative workflows, for example from 3D to visual effects to graphic design, highlights why the continued evolution and innovation of creator tools is critical. Creators working in 3D and visual effects require photorealism and color accuracy. Project Captis enables a workflow that brings creators real-world material capture in a new way. When this technology is combined with the full potential of HP 2D and 3D printing, the technology captures images of real-world materials and processes the raw images into digital materials via photometry. Creators then use these digital materials as elements for computer visualization or on HP’s 2D/3D printing ecosystem. Through this collaboration, HP aims to deliver a solution that drives 3D design and production technology forward.

As an industry leader for creators around the world, HP continues to curate solutions for creative professionals and enthusiasts. Z by HP is designed for serious creative professionals who have the utmost passion for their creations and strive to consistently deliver high quality work. Today, HP is also announcing enhancements to its high-performance compute offerings for creative professionals. The HP Z4 Workstation, HP’s best-selling performance workstation, now ships with the option to upgrade to Intel’s new Xeon W-2200 and Core X-series processors. This upgraded server-grade processing enables the HP Z4 Workstation to efficiently scale workflows across computer-aided design, video editing, and machine learning. Within the HP Create Ecosystem, it equips creators to develop concepts in real time, from design to visualization.

Product Lifecycle Enabled by HP 3D Printing

Project Captis is the latest example of HP using its own Multi Jet Fusion technology to deliver innovation for customers. As part of its innovative Reinventing HP with Multi Jet Fusion program, HP used its industry leading 3D printing solution to print every non-electronic part of the Project Captis hardware with detail including digital textures as well as all snapfit and lattice structures, leading to lower costs, faster time to market, and improved sustainability.

Studio of the Future Experiences at Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX attendees are encouraged to stop by the Z by HP booth (#1001) to view and experience how HP is creating the studio of the future for the today’s most important creative workflows: 3D and visual effects, video and motion graphics, experience design, photography, and graphic design. The entire HP Create Ecosystem will be on display to illustrate creators’ ability to capture, create, and produce experiences using HP’s end-to-end ecosystem. Visitors can take advantage of hands-on experiences with Project Captis at both the Z by HP experience and the Adobe MAX 3D and AR Village, located at #1241. Additionally, Joshua St. John, Head of Creators at HP will be hosting breakout session master classes and hands-on workshops with well-known creatives spanning each creative workflow, including:

  • Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK) a visionary whose creativity and innovation spans multiple platforms and has established himself as one of the top visual and design directors in the world.
  • Alex Trochut has created design, illustration, and typography for a diverse range of clients by mixing styles and genres and drawing equally from pop culture, street culture, fashion, and music.
  • Nidia Dias an Art Director and Designer from Portugal. Her work is focused mainly on styleframes and look development for motion.
  • Jody Macdonald is an award-winning National Geographic photographer who has traveled to over 90 countries in search for the unknown.
  • Orlando Arocena an award-winning vector artist and graphic designer who works in traditional and digital mediums. He received a 2017 Gold Clio Entertainment Award for “Dia de los Muertos” with Twentieth Century Fox and MGM studios.
  • Rik Oostenbrock a pioneering digital artist who at the age of 14 started developing his love of expression and today works with big brands globally.
  • Shane Griffin an award-winning visual artist and director and has showcased art films at TED, designed for Kanye West, directed for the world’s biggest brands, and designed sculptures for top athletes.


  • Project Captis pilot program is launching at Adobe MAX and will run through 2020.

Please visit here for more information about how Z by HP reinvents the way you create.

HP Newsroom: HP and Adobe Fuel New Era of 3D Production Technology for Creatives

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