David Gokhshtein of G Media: Announces Congressional Run

NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Gokhshtein Media is a multi-platform media and marketing company comprised primarily of Gokhshtein Magazine. Gokshtein Magazine is a subscription based monthly online magazine focused on fintech project reviews, tech reviews, as well as travel, insight, and lifestyle pieces. Services to clients include multi platform marketing, merchandising, advertisement, and native ad/ advertorial services.

Financial professionals, blockchain technology enthusiasts, and marketing guru are probably the first things that come to mind. David Gokhshtein is also a major figure in the field of nascent technologies. Known by many as the “anti-hero of the blockchain world”, DG is known for not pulling punches and telling it like it is. In similar fashion as well known business motivators like Gary Vaynerchuk & Grant Cardone, David is helping take entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to the next level- not by telling these greenhorn startups and High Net-Worth individuals what they want to hear, but rather what they need to hear.

The industry is taking notice. In the current landscape of the world of tech and finance, businesses are struggling to do two things:                       

Adapt to an ever-evolving market where tech goes from cutting edge to obsolete in the blink of an eye (effectively endeavoring to future-proof themselves and provide scalable solutions).

Find some way of standing out in a field where user experience and marketing are kings. The best ideas not marketed well or providing sleek UI are quickly cast aside like peanut shells or the remnants of a thin foam inside a $6 glass of warm beer at a Yankees game. The price doesn’t accurately reflect the value, and (once the utility is used up) it is quickly forgotten           

“I got involved with Blockchain technology first by reading about it and doing quite a bit of research, after I had fallen in love with the idea of how useful this can be and understanding the fundamentals of how it worked, I started digging deeper into startups and ICOs that are trying to develop this tech. I'm passionate about it because this is going to be the technology of the future that we are laying the foundation for. Much like the internet’s foundation was laid before us.”   

This is where many industry leaders are now turning to David Gokhshtein as their new secret weapon. As the market grows, so does the pile of Non Disclosure Agreements on his desk in Long Island. Many a stymied project have turned to David as their last hope to help carve their name into the quickly growing tree that is the fintech industry. His name has become synonymous as a whispered code among entrepreneurs... “Better call Gokhshtein”.

David is also an esteemed member of the Forbes Finance Council and a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine. Even though he primarily focuses on the emerging field of cryptocurrency, he couldn’t shake the feeling that “it wasn’t enough”. So, in late 2018, he turned to longtime friend, Vinny Riley with a proposition. There wasn’t that much of an outlet for really getting the word out about this new industry. Beyond a few publications and podcasts aimed at existing cypherpunks and knowledgeable investors, there was a huge opportunity for creating content. So the two went about the task of creating what is now Gokhshtein Media.

They scoured message boards and online communities (many of which David helped create) in search of the cream of the crop of writers, content creators, analysts, traders, product reviewers, and industry experts. Their head-hunting mission paid off, with many jumping on with vigor the moment they heard it was to be a Gokhshtein project. The magazine would be the spark that ignited the passion projects stemming from a singular vision: inclusion in the blockchain space.

“I didn’t want to just spit out articles hastily thumbed through in bumper to bumper traffic by the bridge and tunnel crowd. Didn’t want to simply cater to those already in the know. This is still a market in its infancy. Huge swaths of demographics underrepresented in the space. I wanted to hire a team with diverse backgrounds. Different races, religions, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Different political views, levels of knowledge, realms of expertise, and motivations. This isn’t a “one size fits all” nation, and the crypto community should reflect that.” 

David is especially motivated to help insure that women get their due credit in the industry.                                                              

“I do feel there is a gender equality gap because for years, since the inception of the IT industry, it is and always has been for the most part a male dominated industry. I feel like this has put a stigma on the "women of crypto" as much as it has the IT industry. To see a female network analyst is surprising but not unwelcome or as uncommon as people may think, much as it is in crypto. Women are welcome everywhere but in male dominated industries I think it comes as a surprise to other IT professionals because the stigma is that women aren't interested in tech enough to work in the industry, which is a largely false conception.”

The first issue was released in March of 2019 and was blessed to have none other than Tron CEO Justin Sun grace the cover. Since then, it's been riding hell for leather with a huge variety of tech and project reviews, insights, lifestyle pieces, and a focus on the arts.

Shazir Mucklai
Imperium Group