Maru Group First to Offer Users Complete End-to-end Insights Environment with Maru/HUB

New Direct Access Portal enables clients to create, view and analyze research projects on demand in one single platform

Maru/HUB is the broadest single insights platform offering in the market 

Maru/HUB is a secure, quality accredited insights platform with multi-language, scalable technology

TORONTO, Nov. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maru Group (Maru), the global technology-enabled market research and customer insights company, is excited to announce the launch of its Direct Access Portal, Maru/HUB, offering researchers and marketers a one-stop shop for all their market research needs.

Built on Maru’s proprietary technology platform, the portal enables new and existing clients to create, view and analyze research projects on demand. Maru clients can also access current projects managed by Maru divisions (Maru/Blue and Maru/Matchbox), and import data from other sources to provide one, holistic view of performance. This portal for self-serve work combines with our advisory offer to give clients direct access to all their customer insights and means they can choose projects to suit their needs from our fully flexible service model.

The Direct Access Portal offers users the ability to create a range of different self-serve projects:

  • Pre-packaged Solutions, expertly designed to help you spark better connections with your customers. These include: Concept Screening, Content Screening (Print, Video, Digital, TV), CX Relationship Pulse.
  • Capabilities that enable you to analyze data and make the most of feedback and results with powerful tools and technologies. These include: Text Analytics, Data Visualization, Analysis and Reporting and Authoring. 
  • Types of Research providing access to instant results with proven research methodologies. These include: Agile Polls and Surveys and our newly launched Influencer Social Listening tool.

“Technology has transformed the way brands connect with their customers, and clients want a more flexible, technology-led approach to insights that goes beyond limited capabilities such as a survey engine attached to a panel,” said Ged Parton, CEO of Maru Group.

“Maru/HUB is a platform created for the future. For the first time, clients can have greater visibility and flexibility of their research data and create their own self-serve research projects, all from one single cloud-based portal. It is an important milestone in Maru’s strategy to drive innovation and efficiency in the insights industry with the first fully-flexible insights model,” Parton added.

Organizations are constantly looking to stay ahead of changing customer trends and want to find new ways to connect with their customers. Maru/HUB’s solutions include Implicit Association Testing and System 1 methodologies which ensure that clients can achieve a much deeper level of customer insight while using traditional approaches to help better understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.

“Maru/HUB will enhance our ability to deliver fast and actionable insights into how customers think, feel and behave,” said Brent Snider, Chief Revenue Officer at Maru/Matchbox, the Group’s full-service insights company. “Our AI-powered solutions available through our direct access portal provide clients with a one-stop shop for insights that are linked to powerful business results. They no longer have to use multiple insights providers for their self-service needs,” Snider added.

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Note to Editors:

About Maru Group

Maru is a technology-led insights provider.

We deliver expert analysis and the latest innovations in insight services through our proprietorial technology platform, Maru/HUB.  

We have a fully flexible service model; delivering an experience to suit our clients’ requirements whether these be full serve, assisted serve or self-service; or a combination. 

We have 3 separate, yet integrated, operating divisions. 

Maru/Matchbox is our insights advisory business, delivering end-to-end behavioral research projects using the latest innovations in insight generation. 

Maru/Blue is our industry-accredited sample and data services company, prioritizing known respondents to guarantee quality data. 

Maru/HUB is our unique technology platform that underpins everything that we do. 

About Maru/HUB

Maru/HUB is an instant access platform that gives you meaningful insights to fuel confident business decisions. Maru/HUB is a fully scalable technology platform. It can be used for projects of any size, from small, ad hoc projects to enterprise-wide programs. It is powered by AI with first-class ingestion capabilities.

Unlike other insights providers with bolt-on technologies, our team of experts has been building and developing our secure proprietary platform infrastructure for the last 15 years.

The technology platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and adheres to the highest level of data security and compliance.


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