Eagle Health Expands its Occupational Health Services With New FDA Contract Win

Manassas, Virginia, Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- September marked the award of a new contract to Eagle Health, a Cape Fox subsidiary, expanding our occupational health services to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Under an umbrella contract with an ordering period of five years, Eagle Health delivers occupational health clinical services based on separate task order awards. The first task order began in October with a transition-in period and initial clinic operations support.

The team assigned to the National Capital Region consists of a Project Manager, Nurse Manager – National Capital Region Clinical Coordinator, Staff Physicians, Staff Nurses, a Certified Medical Technician, and an on-call Specialty Infectious Disease Physician. Their support covers five clinics and 16,000 FDA employees in the National Capital Region. The Main Health Unit is in Silver Spring, Maryland, with the others located across Maryland.

Eagle Health is expected to provide program and project management, transition services, Occupational Health Unit operation, and medical services, including immunization and surveillance programs to FDA office, laboratory, and field locations. To support these efforts, our team draws on expertise honed at the National Institutes of Health, where Concentric Methods, another Cape Fox Corporation subsidiary, has successfully performed occupational medical services previously.

For additional information, email Heather Kaiser at hkaiser@capefoxss.com or call (703) 749-3045.


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