DemandQ Extends Intelligent Demand Optimization to Commercial EV Charging

New Service Could Reduce Annual Electricity Demand Costs for Commercial EV Fleet Operators by $3B

Watertown, Massachusetts

WATERTOWN, Mass., Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, DemandQ, the market leader in Intelligent Demand Optimization, announces the release of a new Software as a Service that dynamically and effectively reduces the operational costs of municipal and commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) transportation and fleet trucking.  

Enterprises across every commercial and industrial sector are seeking to “decarbonize” their supply chains, with transport electrification taking a central role in their digital transformation initiatives. EV transportation and trucking programs are rapidly gaining traction globally. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that more than 195,000 commercial and workplace charge stations will be in operation across the 100 top metropolitan areas by 2025.  

Just one Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) station with eight 350 kW “ports” could create a demand peak of up to 2.8 MW when fully operational. At that scale, Level 2 and DCFC charging would cost commercial and municipal customers an additional $15 billion dollars per year in peak demand charges.

“While EVs are environmentally friendly, a single commercial EV charging station consumes more energy than a typical big box retail location,” said Gary Morsches, CEO of DemandQ. “Our new service reduces power demand during the charging cycle by up to 20 percent, mitigating one of the principal economic barriers limiting the adoption of EVs as the primary means for moving people, goods and services.”

Deployed in more than 43 million square feet of commercial space across 46 states, DemandQ’s patented Intelligent Demand Optimization integrates seamlessly across a wide array of energy management systems. Now, through adoption of the international Open Charge Alliance’s OCPP standard, DemandQ’s fully integrated and scalable demand optimization software merges building and EV loads into an easily managed solution.

About DemandQ
DemandQ was founded in 2011 and is located in Watertown, MA. DemandQ's patented Intelligent Demand Optimization service sustainably reduces utility charges for commercial customers by 10 percent. Available for immediate deployment, DemandQ’s SOC2 compliant software seamlessly integrates with building automation systems, cycling equipment, EV charging stations and other renewable technologies to holistically achieve integrated energy management. For more information, visit or email at

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