Halton Women’s Place launches #YouToo

Burlington, CANADA

BURLINGTON, Ontario, Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For over 40 years, the mission at Halton Women’s Place has been to provide a gateway to safety where women and their families can thrive. Sensationalizing violence is not the answer. At Halton Women’s Place, we see the problems – we choose to focus on the answers.

In order to bring added attention to November being National Women’s Abuse Prevention month and to honour the success stories we’ve been privileged to see over the years, we thought we would shift the focus from the violence that occurs and rather, we would change the conversation to one about solving the problem – about how You Too can be part of the solution.

“What we found, was that the #MeToo movement was experiencing fatigue,” says Carmela Bozzo, Manager of Development and Communications at Halton Women’s Place. “With the attention that the #MeToo movement generated, we saw a groundswell of support for the victims of abuse, but little attention was given toward stopping the abuse from happening to begin with.”

That’s where the #YouToo movement was born. We wanted to champion the people that supported change; the people that helped someone get out of a bad place and on to living safely. Working with our community partners, we wanted to find a compelling way to inspire people to change the conversation around violence against women. We wanted to show Canada that they had an important role to play in ending the violence.

The best way to accomplish this in today’s information-rich society was with video. We knew that using tangible examples of how people could be involved in helping would be a starting point for creating this new conversation. This conversation should gain momentum through sharing, because it’s not easy to talk about abuse, but it is much easier to talk about the person that helped you out of it. We want to talk about getting past abuse and stopping violence in a world where violence is sensationalized.

All videos can be found at: haltonwomensplace.com/youtoo

The #YouToo is about optimism for a brighter tomorrow. Our hope for this movement is that it will give rise to a new voice. One filled with hope and support where everyone will understand that as long as we are dealing with abuse against women and their families, we need to focus on stopping it and not managing it. We want to give voice to the idea that abuse against women can end; that You Too, can be part of the solution.

Shaun Waterman

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