CRO Advisors to Issue Eskom Debt Restructuring Report; Liabilities and Capital Requirements ~2.3 Trillion Rand ($150BN USD) over next 5 years

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CRO Advisors to Issue Eskom Debt Restructuring Report. Finds Eskom debts, liabilities and capital needs ~2.3 Trillion Rand ($150BN USD) over next 5 years.

Eskom’s ~500BN on balance sheet debt, ~128BN off balance sheet debt, and 1,072BN in unavoidable cost over next 5 years, represents a staggering 76% of South Africa’s total current debt.

SA total debt obligations are ~5.3 Trillion Rand, including Eskom’s liabilities and capital requirements, excluding other substantial cash requirements for other failing State-Owned Companies, excluding sizable Tax collection gaps and other sizable growing fiscal gaps.

Eskom must undergo an independent detailed and comprehensive “Forensic Audit” on behalf of all creditors, vendors and stakeholders.

  • Eskom must be “ringfenced”, triaged, and brought under the control of a new “hands on” Senior Energy CRO and a new senior executive management team, prior to any meaningful discussion or planned decoupling of the Eskom assets;
  • Eskom is insolvent, even if the South Africa Treasury takes 500BN Rand of current debt onto Government books;
  • Eskom has no cash flow capacity to take any new interest-bearing loans from South Africa Treasury under future bail outs;
  • Eskom is “not ready” to be decoupled or broken up into separate operating companies at this time due to the severe financial, operational challenges, corruption, fraud and malfeasance facing the Company;

The full public version of the Eskom ICRO Report issued on October 17, 2019 may be found at:

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