Optmyzr Launches Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, Deepens PPC Pros’ Control of Search Shopping Ads Programs

Enhanced capabilities help streamline PPC shopping ad campaign creation and provide exceptional control down to the product level

Foster City, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Nov. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Silicon Valley-based Optmyzr today released Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, a full version update to the company’s tool for streamlining creation and management of pay-per-click search shopping ads. The SaaS-delivered application is part of the full Optmyzr PPC Management Suite. The new version of Shopping Campaign Builder deepens PPC pros’ abilities to create and manage shopping ads campaigns.

Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 taps a company’s Google Merchant Feed to build ideal structures for Shopping Ads, aligned with the company’s specific needs. Depending on need, PPC pros can use Shopping Campaign Builder to create:

  • Specific campaigns for an entire brand
  • Product-specific programs (such as one specific ad group per SKU or product ID)
  • Separate campaigns for defined ranges of profit margins (allowing PPC pros to focus on different tROAS targets accordingly)
  • A unique smart shopping campaign for each product type

Optmyzr layers deeper automation on top of the core campaign automations available in Google Campaign Manager. Google’s built-in automations help with the basic needs of campaign creation, while Optmyzr extends a PPC pro’s ability to be much more strategic and efficient in deployment and management of campaigns. A modernized user interface in version 2.0 also provides an easier-to-use, streamlined experience for PPC pros of all ability levels. 

“Automation at the search engine level provides a stronger foundational position for PPC pros to work from. Optmyzr provides automation layering, which makes it possible for those same PPC pros to build thousands of product groups in minutes as opposed to days,” noted Frederick Vallaeys, co-founding CEO of Optmyzr. “Shopping Campaign Builder provides much deeper automation of shopping campaigns with greater control and visibility into campaigns at the product group level and ad group level. We help PPC pros make optimal use of search platform native tools, with extended automation and reporting capabilities to help them become marketing rockstars.”

Deeper within Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, Optmyzr allows even extended integration via an enhanced Shopping Campaign Refresher module. This module helps PPC pros ensure that product groups and ad groups remain aligned with the core merchant feed. Users can now easily add and remove campaigns based on changes in the merchant feed. For example, an advertiser can now structure campaigns around similar products that have similar margins, allowing an automated bidding strategy to produce better results. The advertiser now has greater control to ensure optimal campaign structure. 

The tool can also detect when a new product type appears in the merchant feed and automatically create fully built-out campaigns with new product groups for new product types. Conversely, when a product type is no longer sold, Optmyzr can automatically pause associated campaigns to avoid needless ad spend. The automation layering in Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 extends the foundational search engine platform automations, again transforming PPC pro into marketing strategist. 

A video demo of Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 is available at https://youtu.be/Diov73bevGQ. More information can also be found at https://www.optmyzr.com/shopping-campaign-tools


Frederick Vallaeys, Co-Founding CEO of Optmyzr

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