K2 Announces Winners of The Annual K2 EMEA Customer Awards

K2 customers recognized for outstanding achievements implementing innovative process automation solutions

LONDON, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and a leader in low-code process automation, today announced the outstanding achievements of K2 customers in EMEA during its annual Customer Day. The annual K2 EMEA Customer Awards recognize organisations that have delivered world-class automation solutions using the K2 platform.

“This year’s winners showcase the mission-critical role automation plays in nearly every aspect of their businesses,” said Andrew Murphy, vice president, EMEA at K2. “The process was highly competitive and made it quite a feat to determine a winner from so many deserving achievements worthy of recognition. In the end, the final selections were made based on several factors including approach, speed of development, functionality, innovation, complexity and overall business impact.”

The winners were judged by a panel of process automation experts and K2 executives. K2 customers were recognized in the following categories: 

  • Most Innovative Use of the Platform - Ballast Nedam
  • Best Benefits Gained - PD Ports and Sarasin & Partners
  • Best Implementation of K2 - Euro Caps and Food Standards Agency
  • Best Technical Solution - Geldards LLP and Fidelity International

Learn more about the K2 Customer Award winners.

Most Innovative Use of the Platform: Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a construction and engineering company headquartered in the Netherlands. Winner of the K2 ‘Most Innovative Use of K2 Platform’ award based on its ‘Q2Field’ solution, an Enterprise platform for all quality and safety registrations. K2 prompts employees to undertake inspections and send digital details to the right person. Employees can, for example, view building plans, mark locations on plans, open checklists, red-line areas, classify issues, describe actions required and assign a subcontractor to fulfill tasks – all while on the construction site using mobile devices in an offline situation. They built a custom control for pinpointing on a drawing and a customs broker that slices PDF (multi-page) files into image sets on different zoom levels, being the input for the pinpoint control. A special mention to Indocs for their valuable input and assistance on the build.

Best Business Benefits Gained:  PD Ports

PD Ports is a diverse organisation, covering the whole supply chain from ship to doorstep. Winner of the K2 ‘Best Business Benefits Gained’ award with its ‘WMS (Warehouse Management System) Inbound’ application. PD Ports has developed over 20 different K2 workflows and apps, all of which are helping to save employee time and significantly improve the efficiency of the business. For example, one K2-based solution reduces the time required to process and approve new supplier requests from several weeks to just a couple of days. The WMS automates the order entry process, making it easier for staff to check stock, select batches, and allocate products to customers all within one app.

Best Business Benefits Gained: Sarasin & Partners

The winner of the K2 ‘Best Business Benefits Gained’ award is Sarasin & Partners, a London based asset management organisation. Sarasin & Partners is being recognized for its ‘Operational Incidents’ process, which records and manages operational errors and incidents, whilst ensuring remediation and client compensation. This was its first solution on K2, which took under four months to implement. Sarasin & Partners have already realised 100 percent ROI using K2. Additionally, the company has seen a savings of 75 percent which is equivalent to saving one day per week for a full-time member.

Best Implementation: Euro Caps

The winner of the K2 ‘Best Implementation’ award based on its  ‘Operator Portal’ goes to Euro Caps, the manufacturer of single-serve coffee capsules for Nespresso© and Dolce Gusto© coffee machines. The Operator Portal provides employees on the shop floor with instant access to product manuals and the ability to view and record grind history for different types of coffee beans and pallet configurations. Time is no longer wasted looking for information and duplicating efforts, which improves efficiency in the production line. Euro Caps is now well on its way to achieving a company wide goal of becoming a paperless factory.

Best Implementation: Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The winner of the K2 ‘Best Implementation’ award is the Food Standards Agency (FSA), a government agency responsible for protecting public health in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. FSA was looking to transform the way it collects information recorded by inspectors and vets in abattoirs. The organisation uses K2 to ensure that all the required data is collected in a consistent format, at the right time, every time and consolidated automatically. Over 30 applications were migrated from on-premise to the K2 Cloud, servicing approximately 1,000 users. The move to K2 Cloud has freed up resources to work on other projects, and now that the agency has a stable, secure service in place it is able to start development on new requirements.

Best Technical Solution: Fidelity International

The winner of the K2 ‘Best Technical Solution’ award for their ‘New Joiners Portal’ is Fidelity International, a private investment and pension management company with worldwide operations. With 8 - 12 global users joining the portal daily, it now takes less than an hour for a new user to have everything they need on day one. It takes a manager an average of three minutes to complete a full request. The solution uses Apex for the user interface (UI), Oracle as database (using the K2 Oracle broker) and integrates with Novell IAM to provide user roles and Avaya to automatically assign phone extensions, alongside a number of other integrations like ServiceNow and the K2 REST broker.

Best Technical Solution - Geldards LLP

The winner of the K2 ‘Best Technical Solution’ award for its ‘Falcon LPM’ system is Geldards, a multi-disciplinary law firm with offices in Cardiff, Derby, Nottingham and London. The system is core to the firm's client and matter management, and legal processing, and was built to be a front office application as a central resource for all legal teams, including company, commercial property, dispute resolution, and private client teams. The Falcon system involved integrating several other systems into one platform which created its own set of challenges. Technical integration points include HotDocs Hub, HotDocs Advance, Postcode address finding software, practice management software, Evaluate cost budgeting software, MS Office applications (Outlook, Excel, and Word), and SSRS, iManage document management system, and Laserforms court form production software, as well as Companies House and Court finding APIs.

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