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Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Austin, Texas, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newchip is pleased to announce that its Bootcamp Accelerator, an online program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and from all walks of life, transform their ideas into viable businesses, and raise their initial capital to grow, is entirely free and available online as an open course as of November 15th, 2019. The Newchip Bootcamp Program serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurs at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey and is accessible worldwide.

“We’re an accelerator for everyone regardless of the color of your skin, your national origin, what college you went to, your religion, sex, gender, or disability. We believe that by sharing the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and guidance on the ins and outs of entrepreneurship via open source will help level the playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere,” said Ryan Rafols, Founder & CEO of Newchip. 

Newchip was founded as a solution to the 99%-of-startups-fail idea that in fact is largely due to millions of startups launching every year and current 19th-century-styled classroom accelerator programs only able to graduate around 1,000 startups per year. It launched its inaugural Online Startup Accelerator program in April 2019 with a strong focus on early stage companies outside of Silicon Valley and New York. 

Since then, the Newchip Accelerator has hosted Pre-Seed and Seed cohorts in June, July, September, and October with entrepreneurs from around the world with plans to launch new cohorts in December 2019, January 2020, and ten (10) more in 2020, along with four Startup Expos and a goal of helping entrepreneurs raise over $50M in funding in the next twelve (12) months. 

The Bootcamp is designed to serve as the first step that aspiring founders take before being considered for entry into the flagship Newchip Accelerator programs for Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A startups. “There’s a multitude of real problems in our world that require unique solutions, the kind that can only be unleashed through the type of risk taking and creativity expected of today’s startups,” said Armando Vera Carvajal, Vice President of Operations at Newchip. “With so much untapped potential out there, we realized that the way to foster more innovation is to offer the right resources, knowledge, and skill development required to launch a new business. That’s why we created the Newchip Bootcamp. It’s why we are sharing our entrepreneurial program with the world - for free. We firmly believe that by building up as many entrepreneurs as possible, we can help drive global economic growth.”

The Newchip Accelerator disrupts the global startup accelerator and fundraising industry by formalizing entrepreneur education, investment due diligence, and mentorship as well as opening access to neglected markets to investors around the globe. Its programs accept new applicants on a rolling basis, graduating more companies than typical accelerators due to its equity-free and online nature. The Newchip Bootcamp is designed to fully complement the Accelerator program across its global operations.

“We created every bit of content in the Bootcamp with one goal in mind: preparing aspiring entrepreneurs to become competent and adaptable business leaders positioned for huge success,” said Joshua Lawton-Belous, Co-Founder at Newchip. “By the end of the Bootcamp program, we expect every participant to be in a strong position to turn their idea into a real business that can be developed and scaled into a company that investors actually want to support over the long term.”

About Newchip Accelerator:
The Newchip Accelerator is an immersive, equity-free, online accelerator program for Early Stage to Series A startups serious about scaling their businesses to the next level. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum of training, 1-1 mentor sessions, Masterminds, and live classes to prepare them to raise investment capital from Angels, VC’s, and the crowd. Three core programs comprise the Newchip Accelerator: Bootcamp, Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A. Startups apply and are accepted into an appropriate Accelerator program based on the stage, traction, and trajectory of their business.

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