Von's Vision will now serve kids across the Front Range, from Pueblo to Colorado Springs to Greeley

Colorado Springs, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Denver, CO, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, Von Miller announced a new program of the Von’s Vision Foundation in partnership with Hero Practice Services. The program, Von’s Locker, will expand the foundation’s eyecare services to kids in need across the Front Range.

"To serve kids across the Front Range is an exciting step for Von's Vision. I'm humbled by the commitment of this team to serve children and Hero Practice Services is a great partner for us to expand the impact of Von's Vision." – Von Miller, All Pro Linebacker for the Denver Broncos and founder of Von's Vision

Von’s Lockers will be installed at 13 Adventure Vision and Academy Kids Vision locations across the Front Range. This means that, for the first time, Von’s Vision will be moving beyond Denver to serve kids statewide. By providing care in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland and Denver we can greatly increase the number of children impacted each year. Hero Practice Services will begin hosting Von’s Locker Days in early 2020. The events will be held monthly in one or two practices most often on Saturdays, so that students don’t miss school and more parents are available to bring kids for exams. The partnership has the potential to provide an additional 1,500 pairs of eyeglasses to kids in need each year. These events, like so many of the other Von’s Vision events, will make vision care an exciting thing for children, helping them feel comfortable and confident when getting glasses.

“Our mission at Hero Practice Services is to reach as many kids in underserved communities as possible. What’s great about this partnership, is that Von’s Vision brings awareness to the need via Von’s notoriety and we can address that need in our practices, making it easier for families to get care on an ongoing basis.” –  Josh Gwinn, CEO of Hero Practice Services

Everyday, uninsured children are referred to Von’s Vision. Now, through the Von’s Locker program, these children won’t have to wait for a Von’s Vision Event Day to be seen, they can receive care at an Adventure Vision or Academy Kids Vision location at any time under the umbrella of the Von’s Locker program. Lockers will contain a selection of fashion forward, frames from Etnia Barcelona, Bevel and other partners. In addition, Von’s Vision kids will receive Von’s Vision branded gifts like sunglasses and wristbands. When Von’s kids receive their glasses they will also pick out a Von’s Vision case and cleaning cloth.

Hero Practice Services will be working with their community partners to identify kids who have vision needs and qualify for the program. Through outreach to school nurses, Head Start programs and other child-focused agencies, students will be able to apply and schedule appointments for Von’s Locker.

About Adventure Dental, Vision and Orthodontics

Every kid deserves great care and that’s why Adventure is 100% focused on delivering high quality care to children in underserved communities. With offices nationwide, Adventure has been helping children ages six months through 20 years gain access to the dental, orthodontic, and eye care they need since 2006. Their kid-friendly offices and caring staff take the fear out of dental and vision visits, making it fun, easy and affordable for children to thrive. Learn more at https://mydentalvisioncare.com/ 

About Hero Practice Services

Hero is a healthcare practice management company focused on managing and supporting high quality dental, vision and orthodontic practices that specialize in pediatric patients. In particular, hero supports office that provide care to underserved communities across the United States. With dozens of locations, Hero’s supported offices have helped over one million children gain access to the care they need. Learn more at https://heropracticeservices.com/ 

About Von’s Vision

Founded in 2013, Von’s Vision is the personal charity of Broncos Linebacker Von Miller. The mission of Von’s Vision is to provide low-income Denver children with the eye care and corrective eyewear they need to be their best in the classroom and in life. For more information, visit https://www.vonmiller.org/


Von Miller, All Pro Linebacker for the Denver Broncos and Founder of Von's Vision and Joshua Gwinn, CEO of Hero Practice Services unveil Von's Locker at the 2019 Western Roundup Gala. Teammates from Adventure Dental, Vision and Orthodontics and Hero Practice Services pose with Von Miller at the unveiling in Denver of Von's Locker on November 11, 2019.

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