Client Outlook and Nuance Accelerate the Practical Use of AI for Diagnostic Imaging Through Workflow Integration

WATERLOO, Ontario, Nov. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Client Outlook, a leading provider of FDA Class II clinical and diagnostic image viewing solutions, announced its continued partnership with Nuance Communications, Inc. (Nuance) to advance the use of AI for diagnostic imaging.

The collaboration builds on a successful partnership that was established five years ago. Client Outlook’s eUnity viewing platform is already fully integrated into the Nuance PowerShare image sharing experience. A zero-footprint web-based viewing and integration platform, eUnity delivers diagnostic quality images with the speed and performance of a PACS workstation.

Nuance initiated the industry’s first workflow-integrated AI marketplace for diagnostic imaging. The AI Marketplace is a comprehensive cloud-powered solution that integrates AI algorithms directly into existing systems and clinical workflows. Utilizing eUnity, Nuance empowers radiologists to deliver AI results directly to the patient’s report.

“AI adds a completely new element to the integration mix of radiology clinical workflow. There are more moving parts to amalgamate, underscoring the critical need for technologies to work together seamlessly,” said Steve Rankin, CEO and President, Client Outlook. “eUnity and Nuance’s integration-first approach fuels a powerful solution that is leading radiology transformation.”

“The ongoing collaboration between eUnity and Nuance supports our mission to embed AI deeply in the workflow, enabling radiologists to edit or delete AI results in the viewer and automatically insert and update those results in the report in real time,” said Karen Holzberger, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nuance Healthcare’s Diagnostics Division. “Radiologists remain in full control of the final report and image annotations without having to dictate measurements and other AI results.”

About Client Outlook
Client Outlook Inc. is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering the image viewing evolution from hospital department to healthcare enterprise through an innovative software platform called eUnity. Uniquely designed as a zero-footprint viewing solution but purpose-built as an integration platform, eUnity gives all patient care stakeholders equal access to images for clinical viewing and diagnostic radiology reading. This powerful foundation cultivates a boundary-less enterprise that is prepared for future growth. Visit for more information.

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