BEDGEAR Brings Proven Air Flow Technologies to the Boring Baby Sleep Category with the Introduction of Performance Crib Mattresses

Farmingdale, N.Y., Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BEDGEAR®, the Performance® brand of bedding, announces the debut of the company’s first-ever Performance Crib Mattresses with the Air-X® 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress and the Dri-Tec® 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress. Driving the decision to enter this new market is the growing demand from parents for BEDGEAR’s proven technologies from the brand’s popular adult lines of products for their children. Like all BEDGEAR mattresses, each Performance Crib Mattress has an Air-X ventilation panel around the perimeter that promotes air flow in, around and throughout the mattress for unsurpassed breathability. In addition to reducing sweating and overheating, the free flow of air within BEDGEAR’s Performance Crib Mattresses also results in a cleaner environment due to a lack of moisture buildup on the surface. The modular build of each Performance Crib Mattress allows them to be completely unassembled, providing total transparency to what baby is sleeping on. With Performance Crib products, BEDGEAR is creating lifelong customers who can wake ready to take on the day throughout every phase of life.

Bringing peace-of-mind to parents, both Performance Crib Mattresses are comprised of certified safe materials, as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As a baby grows into a toddler, the duality of each Performance Crib Mattress allows them to be flipped from an infancy side that provides a very firm surface to a toddler side that is less firm, with more responsive support. The exterior of BEDGEAR’s Performance Crib Mattresses is waterproof, breathable and stronger than traditional thin vinyl that loses integrity over time. The covers are also removable and machine washable making them more sanitary than wipe-only options, while also prolonging the life of the mattress, allowing it to be passed down for future use. Each mattress is lightweight and comes in a reusable bag, making it easy to move and store.

The cover of the Air-X 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress features BEDGEAR’s Ver-Tex® fabric technology for a refreshing cool touch that moves excess heat away. A highlight of the interior of the Air-X 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress is an all-new dual-sided Air-X breathable cushion that creates maximum air flow at the surface of the bed and can be easily removed and washed for deep cleaning. The Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress features BEDGEAR’s Dri-Tec fabric technology on its cover, which wicks away moisture for a drier and more comfortable sleep surface. The dual-sided React® specialty core of the Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress is a breathable proprietary foam that won’t trap heat, helping baby to stay cool all night long.

“Unlike mom and dad, babies spend most of their time sleeping, which is why our team emphasized a safe, comfortable and clean sleep environment for infants throughout the design process,” said BEDGEAR founder and CEO, Eugene Alletto. “Many crib mattress models previously in the market lack breathability, a pillar of the business we’ve built and key functionality parents rely on, making it a natural category expansion for the BEDGEAR brand. These Performance Crib Mattresses were created with the same advanced features that millions of BEDGEAR consumers rely on each night to make the most of the hours they spend in bed and we’re proud to make them available to baby.”

BEDGEAR’s Air-X 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress and Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress along with other select BEDGEAR baby products including Dri-Tec and Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protectors and Dri-Tec Crib Sheets are now available at buybuy BABY retail locations and online at and The Air-X 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress retails for $299.99 and the Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress retails for $229.99. 

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