Newchip Accelerator Launches November 2019 Pre-Seed Cohort

19 Startups Accepted into Global Online Pre-Seed Accelerator

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, TEXAS, Nov. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Newchip Startup Accelerator is pleased to announce the launch of its November 2019 Pre-Seed Accelerator cohort, which includes nineteen (19) startups from across the United States, Mexico, Finland, and India. The startups range in industry focus from personal security to addiction treatment and recovery, online video advertising, gaming technology, data analytics, and more.

“Pre-Seed companies form the backbone of the Newchip Accelerator,” said Ryan Rafols, CEO of Newchip. “Through a wide diversity of ideas, industries, and founder backgrounds, these earlier-stage startups represent a massive opportunity for the world. The issue is that most of these companies are lost on how to optimize their business, fundraise successfully, and scale their organization to new heights. That’s why we focus on going back to the basics and help them create a strategic path to major growth.”

The Newchip Accelerator was created as a response to the 99%-of-startups-fail equation, with its inaugural online accelerator program launching back in April 2019. Since then, Newchip has led Pre-Seed cohorts in June, July, September, and October with plans to launch new cohorts in December 2019, January 2020, and ten additional cohorts across 2020.

The Newchip Accelerator is also preparing to host its Startup Expo Q1 from January 27-31, 2020. Similar to a demo-day, the Startup Expo is a week-long, online event where portfolio companies introduce and pitch their businesses to Newchip’s global investor community. The focus at Newchip is to disrupt the global startup accelerator and fundraising industry by formalizing entrepreneur education and mentorship as well as opening access to neglected markets for investors around the globe. The Startup Expo represents the epitome of this endeavor for all participating Newchip Accelerator companies.

“Founders at the Pre-Seed stage often find themselves at a crucial junction that demands they make serious decisions,” said Armando Vera Carvajal, Vice President of Operations at Newchip, “We’re talking about companies that already have traction and revenue, but just not enough to attract the interest of major institutional investors. That’s why our focus in the Pre-Seed curriculum and interactions is to build up our founders to a place where they are ready to raise up to $1M in capital from Angel investors and VCs and also generate up to $1M in revenue.”

The Newchip Accelerator is disrupting the global startup accelerator and fundraising industry by formalizing entrepreneur education and mentorship as well as opening access to neglected markets for investors around the globe. Its programs accept new applicants on a rolling basis, graduating more companies than typical accelerators due to its equity-free and online nature.

Companies participating in the November 2019 Newchip Pre-Seed Accelerator include:

  • TrafficGenius (Illinois, USA): TrafficGenius uses historical data and leading-edge technology to tweak traffic light timing and generate real-time, cost-effective solutions to congestion.
  • WeHelp (Mexico City, Mexico): WeHelp is an advanced personal security app that allows users to send alerts in case of an emergency to nearby helpers and their contacts.
  • Marksmen One (Helsinki, Finland): Marksmen One provides the best logging app for shooters as well as a dedicated, secure, and private environment for like-minded to share their hobby. From simple range training to tactical session users can log their shots, see their progress, and compete with friends.
  • Status Fuel (California, USA): Status Fuel brings the gas station to you with mobile gas delivery, ensuring a safe, clean, and convenient method to fuel your vehicles.
  • Grooop (New York, USA): Created by a college student dedicated to campus safety, Grooop is the best way for friends to share safety status instantly, making sure you have power in numbers even if you're alone. Set up safe zones, create grooops of your friends, and update your safety status to alert others if you need help.
  • Xoobies (Illinois, USA): Xoobies connects travelers with local providers who can give them a once in a lifetime adventure.
  • Quicksave Interactive (Helsinki, Finland): Quicksave Interactive’s vision is to make quality games that fit well in the social and quick-paced chat environment, enhancing rather than disturbing the chat experience.
  • AMW Tech (California, USA): AMW Tech addresses the many flaws of online video advertising with live, transparent data, and reactive insights on all campaigns, protecting and positively promoting brands while also increasing user enjoyment and engagement.
  • Kyborgi (Delaware, USA): Kyborgi is a next generation social network at the intersection of humans, technology and society, improving trust online, creating purpose driven communities and empowering the user with more choice and control.
  • Truckly (California, USA): Truckly is a technology startup aimed at putting people’s most useful on-demand services at their fingertips, such as: moving and hauling of goods, mobile car wash, roadside assistance, and more.
  • Subsync (California, USA): Subsync provides a mobile app for teachers that lists all of their upcoming classes and allows them to easily make class requests.
  • WeRecover (California, USA): WeRecover's mission is to bring an end to the suffering caused by this generation's worldwide addiction epidemic by developing the first two-sided platform for the treatment industry, in which clients can input their clinical needs, insurance and budget requirements, and instantly see every center with which they are a match and connect with their programs of interest.
  • SCOPT Analytics (Bengaluru, India): SCOPT is a fast paced, boutique analytics firm focusing on business consulting and use cases around supply chain optimization.
  • Lola&Lykke (Helsinki, Finland): Lola&Lykke is a Nordic Health and Wellness Brand that creates innovative products for mums and seek solutions to the everyday health and wellness challenges mothers face by producing support bands, maternity and nursing products, and more.
  • LaunchX (Florida, USA): LaunchX helps take startups to new markets with the support of a network of real operators who have led launch efforts at some of the fastest growing venture-backed startups, including Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Tink Labs and others. From strategic advising to hands-on execution, LaunchX will take you to the next level, quicker and efficiently. 
  • Slidetown (California, USA): Slidetown is dedicated to improving business communications and empowering its clients with the tools to engage, influence, and persuade their audience.
  • Creation Sampler (West Virginia, USA): Creation Sampler is a consumer software and technology company based in West Virginia.
  • Rouhia (Helsinki, Finland): Rouhia provides digital learning solutions for schools and individuals.
  • Shockwave Motors (Tennessee, USA): Shockwave Motors is an SAE certified national & international motorcycle manufacturer that makes electric cars cool by providing a high performance, three-wheeled, three-passenger, all-electric roadster that's convenient, pollution free, economical, safe, & just plain fun to drive.

About Newchip Accelerator
The Newchip Accelerator is an immersive, equity-free, online accelerator program for Early Stage to Series A startups serious about scaling their businesses to the next level. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum of training, 1-1 mentor sessions, Masterminds, and live classes to prepare them to raise investment capital from Angels, VC’s, and the crowd. Three core programs comprise the Newchip Accelerator: Bootcamp, Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A. Startups apply and are accepted into an appropriate Accelerator program based on the stage, traction, and trajectory of their business.

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