Cruelty free production has become a sought after feature in cosmetics products for female shoppers in the UK, Photoslurp study finds

Out of the 1,500 European women surveyed, the highest percentage of women in the UK found cruelty free production to be the most important product attribute in cosmetics

BARCELONA, Spain, Dec. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 36.6% of women in the UK claim that they prioritize cruelty free products over a list of other product attributes when shopping for cosmetics online. Sensitive skin products followed next at 21.9%, with the lowest result for this attribute out of the 5 countries included in the research.

This report, conducted in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, asked over 1,500 women about their online purchasing behavior when it comes to buying cosmetics.

When comparing countries, Italy and Spain are more focused on sensitive skin products compared to the UK, Germany, and France who are more interested in seeing cruelty free products.

The least important product feature overall is vegan/vegetarian products with just 6.9% in all countries and 9.4% in Germany.

More than just the product attributes, the research also finds that lipstick is the most popular cosmetic purchase by women in Europe (59.1%), followed by face masks (57.4%), beating out products like eye-shadow, eye-liner, concealer, and more.

Along with popular products, the research finds that the majority of European women purchase cosmetics products online every few months. But that women in the UK, France, and Italy purchase more make-up than women in Spain and Germany.

While Amazon continues to be a popular place to purchase cosmetics in Europe, the study finds that Amazon is not the most popular cosmetics retailer in France, where Sephora and Yves Rocher easily came out on top, with Amazon left at number 6.

However in the UK, Amazon scored second place in the top 3 cosmetics eCommerces (22.7%), with Superdrug (30.2%) taking first place and eBay taking third (13.2%).

To capture the attention of online shoppers, the research shows that Customer Photos and Videos + Star Ratings are the highest scoring site feature for online cosmetic stores. In terms of customer service, the majority of respondents find online chat to be their preferred method. 


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