Lumesis Launches New Issue Pricing and Scales Service to Meet the Demands of the Municipal Bond Market

STAMFORD, Conn., Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Lumesis, home of the DIVER platform, announced the launch of the DIVER New Issue Pricing and Scales service. The service helps bankers, underwriters and municipal advisors efficiently create new issue scales and pricing analyses while providing transparency into comprehensive data used to generate these analyses. Pricing and Scales also provides users the ability to refine parameters and comparable securities to reflect their professional judgment.

“Pricing and Scales resulted from conversations with clients looking to find a more efficient way to address the demand for scales from bankers and to support municipal advisors as they prepare issuer clients coming to market. Market participants said any solution must deliver comprehensive data, provide complete transparency and make them more efficient while reserving the ability for market professionals to refine the results based on their expertise,” said Gregg Bienstock, CEO of Lumesis.

Tim Stevens, President of Lumesis, noted that, “We are excited to deliver to the municipal market a service that allows market professionals to easily generate custom scales derived from market trades associated with bonds that represent meaningful comparables based on key credit and structural features of the deal being priced. The service offers flexibility to meet the unique characteristics of deals in the municipal bond market and enables professionals to efficiently evaluate different structures while expressing their professional judgement throughout the scale creation process.”

DIVER Pricing and Scales is complementary to benchmarks widely used in the municipal market as evidenced by the inclusion of Refinitiv’s MMD AAA interpolated curve. Lumesis is also working with Bloomberg to incorporate their BVAL AAA and Treasury curves. “Ensuring clients have the ability to generate scales and analyses on a yield and spread basis is critical to meeting their needs,” echoed Bienstock.

Lumesis and the Bond Buyer are hosting a webinar, December 6th at 11PST/2EST, to introduce the service and discuss the 5 Key Market Demands that led to the development of Pricing and Scales. To register go to


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