Armoloy of West Texas Opens to Serve Region’s Oil and Gas Industry

Coatings and Plating Provider Brings Speed, Service, Quality in Closed-loop Facility

Dekalb, Illinois, UNITED STATES

DEKALB, Ill., Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Armoloy Corporation, inventor of Armoloy TDC© (Thin Dense Chromium) coatings used to extend the useful life of Industrial equipment, announced today the opening of its latest franchise fulfillment center, Armoloy of West Texas.

The electroplating facility, located in Lubbock, TX, initially will focus on machined components for the large number of oil/gas and energy companies located throughout the region. The facility’s primary markets serve northern Texas, west Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

This will be the third Armoloy franchise in Texas and the 16th for Armoloy worldwide. The Lubbock facility will provide the signature Armoloy TDC coating for customers with oil and gas operations in what has become the world’s most productive oil-producing area.

TDC not only extends the life of components by preventing tribocorrosion (corrosion and wear) but it also adds lubricity and release due to the high hardness and low coefficient of friction. Armoloy’s lab brings a science to the process to ensure that TDC coatings are applied to the optimal deposit thickness with absolute surface adhesion and coverage in a tight time frame.

“Armoloy prides itself on being customer focused with a just-in-time manufacturing model for job shop work, and full production line capabilities for mass-produced commodity parts. Given the demand for TDC in the Southwest, we realized having a West Texas facility is critical for us to be where our customers need us,” says Jake Meier, co-owner and chief business development officer, Armoloy Corporate.

Jason Claborn and Kevin Medley, Operation owners, will oversee the facility’s day-to-day operations. The two Lubbock business owners bring experience in the oil and gas industry and are committed to the region’s success.

“Being in a service industry, accuracy and lead time is everything. That’s why we are so excited to bring Armoloy’s trademark quality and service focus to West Texas and surrounding areas,” says Claborn, president of the franchise. “We will initially focus on our flagship product, TDC, but in the near future we look forward to bringing Armoloy Electroless Nickel and Electrolizing Hard Chrome processes on board as well.”

The facility also plans to expand its chromium coatings and electroplating services to other industries, including agricultural, food process/packaging, automation manufacturing and medical equipment.

The new facility located in the heart of the West Texas oilfields puts Armoloy in the direct vein of the oil field supply chain, allowing for better service, faster lead times and logistical cost savings.  The West Texas facility features state-of-the-art equipment from an environment and process standpoint with the most advanced air-filtration systems and has a zero-discharge wastewater program as the facility is a closed loop.

As a franchisee, Armoloy of West Texas is backed by Armoloy Corporate’s extensive coatings and precision parts engineering expertise, including access to personnel and a full-service chemistry lab that regularly tests their coatings and the quality of their products.

About Armoloy of West Texas

Armoloy of West Texas, part of the Armoloy family of companies, provides exceptional service and coatings solutions with Armoloy’s TDC® (Thin Dense Chromium), the industry’s best-performing coating. The company, located in Lubbock, TX, shares Armoloy’s values of exceptional customer service, environmental stewardship and the fastest lead times in the industry. Learn more at

About Armoloy Corp.

Armoloy, the global leader in the “The Science of Precision Coatings,” provides premium coatings that extend the life of equipment components. Founded in 1957 with global headquarters in DeKalb, Ill., Armoloy invented and continues to refine Armoloy TDC® (Thin Dense Chromium), the industry’s best-performing coating, as well as these ancillary coatings, Armoloy XADC®, Armoloy Bi-Protec®, Armoloy Nyflon® and Mid Phos Electroless Nickel.

The company operates 16 franchises in seven countries, each location sharing Armoloy’s values of exceptional customer service, environmental stewardship and the fastest lead times in the industry. Armoloy coatings are used by leading companies in the aerospace, oil and gas, food processing and packaging, medical, renewable energy, nuclear, plastic-injection-molding and automation/robotics manufacturing sectors. The company was named to the Top Shops list by Products Finishing Magazine in 2018 and 2019. Learn more at

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Serving the Oil & Gas industry: Armoloy of West Texas owners, Kevin Medley and Jason Claborn.


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