Allocadia Expands Strength in Award-Winning Product Innovation with New CPO

Customers are driving impressive business growth with marketing performance management platform 

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allocadia, the leader in marketing performance management (MPM), announced today that Rahul Nirula is joining the company as CPO to lead the next generation of product success and award-winning innovation. Nirula’s deep product leadership expertise across a broad portfolio of high growth companies will drive further innovation to the platform that thousands of marketers already use to run marketing like a business. This further bolsters Allocadia’s momentum, after recently adding a new CMO and board member, and growing new revenue more than 175% year over year.

Marketing organizations are choosing Allocadia to drive business growth by confidently investing every dollar to drive impact. Enterprises like Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) are using Allocadia to implement strategic projects across a 2,000 person marketing organization, leading to huge time savings, spend optimization and improved campaign ROI by 30%. Others like Land O Lakes are focusing on visibility into their investments with Allocadia. The team drove a 25% increase in impressions for all of their digital programs while decreasing the amount spent, because they were able to confidently invest in programs that delivered the best results.

“My passion has always been looking at an industry and figuring out what products are needed to support the people and processes, to ultimately drive better success for my customers,” said Nirula. “Allocadia has an incredible roster of marketers who are achieving value with our solution. I look forward to working with the team to further advance the ways we enable marketers to improve their business performance.”

Nirula brings nearly two decades of experience of bringing innovative products to market with companies such as OpenText, Research In Motion and Polar. He has spent the last two years at Volaris Group where he advised established software companies looking to scale, on how to enhance their own product strategies and drive sustainable business growth. His experience in building products to support growing market needs aligns perfectly with Allocadia’s mandate to help marketing organizations plan strategically, invest with purpose, measure performance, and ultimately make better decisions to maximize marketing’s business impact.

"As the former CPO, I’m excited to be handing over the reins to Nirula, whose expansive product expertise and focus on customer success is a strong addition to Allocadia as we continue to grow the executive team,” said Co-Founder Katherine Berry. “With him leading our product organization and working in partnership with the CTO, we will continue to expand the growth of the MPM category by further innovating the way marketers at companies like Signify and Land O Lakes drive business growth.”

With the addition of Nirula to the leadership team, Berry will continue her work with Allocadia’s most strategic enterprise customers and in supporting Allocadia’s innovation agenda. As one of Allocadia’s deepest customer, product and market experts, Berry works closely with customers to create solutions that drive transformational marketing impact and business growth and in turn leverages the insights gained to fuel Allocadia’s future innovations and category leadership.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform is the foundation for thousands of marketers around the world by reading more about our customers.

About Allocadia
Allocadia’s Run Marketing Platform gives marketers the confidence to know where to invest their next dollar. The recognized leader in Marketing Performance Management (MPM), Allocadia enables marketers to plan strategically, invest with purpose, measure the performance of their activities, and ultimately maximize marketing’s impact on the business. This gives marketers the ability to drive greater performance, increase ROI and improve alignment with corporate goals. Companies like Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Box and Charles Schwab manage more than $25 billion marketing dollars within Allocadia, which enables them to save up to 40% of the time they spend on budgeting and planning as well as double their pipeline-to-spend ratio and ROI. Learn how to #RunMarketing at

Julia McPherson