Kubernetes Security Leader Alcide Announces Strong 2019 Momentum

Expands leadership team on the heels of continuous customer growth and market-first Kubernetes security portfolio solutions

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alcide, the Kubernetes security leader empowering Security and DevOps teams with continuous security for multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments, completes the year strong with growing demand for its market-first Kubernetes-native security solutions. Growth has been strong with Alcide doubling its number of customers quarter over quarter. On the heels of welcoming Amir Ofek as its new CEO, Alcide is also welcoming its new VP of Sales NA Alex DelaRosa, who is joining the company with over 27 years of enterprise software experience. Alex comes from Twistlock (now part of Palo Alto Networks), to lead Alcide’s growing North American team. Alcide has launched two new security tools, the Alcide Advisor and Alcide kAudit, announced integrations and partnerships with Amazon EKS, Fortinet, Datadog and others, and participated in Kubernetes community events such as a webinar with CNCF and multiple meetups across Europe and the United States.

Product announcements: Alcide Advisor and Alcide kAudit
The strong momentum behind Alcide’s market growth is tied to a series of successful 2019 product releases and partnerships, centered around bringing new security capabilities and improved visibility to a growing Kubernetes market. Alcide made significant strides providing visibility and hygiene checks into the security status of Kubernetes-based applications with the launch of the Alcide Advisor at AWS re:Inforce 2019, empowering engineering teams to accelerate development timelines without compromising security by quickly identifying security drifts and risks before they are introduced into production; and the launch of Alcide kAudit at KubeCon NA 2019, offering real-time, detection of specific insider threats in Kubernetes Audit logs.

Global Kubernetes communities and partnerships
Following its announcement of their Fabric-Ready partnership with Fortinet, Alcide launched its Azure DevOps Pipeline integration, its CircleCI partnership, and its Codefresh integration to continuously secure CD portion of the CI/CD pipeline.

In Q4, Alcide was a launch partner of the CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program as an Advanced Member, aligning the company with the global Jenkins community. The program will provide expanded access to Alcide capabilities to DevOps as well as deeper technical integration with CloudBees.

Next, Alcide announced an integration with Datadog, the leading monitoring service for cloud scale applications. Alcide kAudit automatically analyzes K8s audit logs, detecting non-compliance and anomalous behavior. Datadog users with Alcide kAudit will be able to get security-related insights and alerts in real time from within the Datadog platform.

Following its core mission to support DevOps and Security teams in reaping the latest in best practices and innovations for Kubernetes and its growing ecosystem of tools and services, Alcide has vigorously supported the Kubernetes community with educational technical blog posts and lectures presented at K8s meetup events across Europe and the United States.

Major Kubernetes Research Initiatives
In Q3, Alcide conducted an industry-wide security research initiative, demonstrating the capability of its Alcide Advisor. Based on over 5,000 scans of Kubernetes clusters, the research revealed that 89% of Kubernetes deployments were not leveraging key security controls, such as secrets resources, leaving enterprises exposed to hackers and attacks. Moreover, the data pointed to over 75% of the scanned deployments using workloads, which mounted high vulnerability host file systems such as /proc; while none of the surveyed environments showed segmentation implementation using Kubernetes’ network policies. These findings confirmed the increasing complexity of multi-cluster Kubernetes environments and the prevailing lack of connectivity with DevOps workflows complicating efforts by SecOps teams to keep pace with Kubernetes vulnerabilities and best practices.

In the upcoming week, the Alcide team will be at the Open Fintech Forum in New York, at the Cloud-Native and Kubernetes Meetup in Silicon Valley, and host a joint webinar with CircleCi. More meetups and a new webinar with CNCF on January 8th will follow to kick off 2020.

About Alcide
Alcide is a Kubernetes security leader empowering DevOps teams to drive frictionless security guardrails through their CI/CD pipelines, and security teams to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments. 

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