Cybrexa Therapeutics Announces Expansion of Its Anticancer Pipeline

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cybrexa Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing a new class of cancer therapeutics through its alphalex™ tumor targeting platform, today announced that the Company is expanding the application of its proprietary alphalex™ platform to include toxin conjugates and additional next generation synthetic lethality targets.   

Two of Cybrexa’s new preclinical pipeline programs include CBX-12 (alphalex™-exatecan) and CBX-13 (alphalex™-DM4).  Both exatecan and DM4 are highly toxic to cells and require targeted delivery to be used as cancer therapies, making them prime opportunities for the alphalex™ platform.  Both programs are expected to have efficacy across a variety of solid tumors.  Preclinical work is ongoing, with publication of initial data expected by mid-2020.

Per Hellsund, President and CEO of Cybrexa said, “We are excited to broaden the application of our alphalex™ technology platform to expand our pipeline. We have made rapid progress with our new programs and believe these agents could be transformative both in patient populations where few treatment options or remaining unmet needs exist. We look forward to continuing to explore new applications of alphalex™ to bring benefits to patients.”

Scientific Co-founder Peter Glazer, MD, PhD, commented on CBX-12, “Our early preclinical data shows very impressive efficacy in mouse tumor models with essentially no toxicity, quite unlike the situation that you see with the free molecule [exatecan].  We believe that this will provide the needed therapeutic index to apply the Cybrexa technology with exatecan to a variety of human solid tumors.”

About the alphalex™ Technology Platform

The Cybrexa alphalex™ technology platform – which consists of a pHLIP® peptide, linker, and small molecule anti-cancer agent – allows for antigen-independent, intracellular delivery of small molecule anti-cancer agents. pHLIP® peptides are a family of pH-Low Insertion Peptides that target acidic cell surfaces.  pHLIP® was developed at Yale University and the University of Rhode Island, and is exclusively licensed to pHLIP, Inc.  View a video of the mechanism of action of the technology at

About Cybrexa

Cybrexa is a privately-held biotechnology company dedicated to developing an entirely new class of tumor-targeted cancer therapies using its alphalex™ platform. The Company’s lead candidate, CBX-11, an alphalex™-PARP inhibitor conjugate, is expected to enter Phase I in 2020 in advanced solid tumors. Cybrexa also has preclinical programs focused on next-generation synthetic lethality targets and toxin conjugates.  Cybrexa was founded by physician-scientists and has an experienced management team that has built numerous successful life sciences companies and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. For more information about Cybrexa, please visit  

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