Oxygen Forensics Releases Cutting-Edge Integration to Categorize Images and Unveils TamTam Messenger Cloud Extraction


ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, federal, and corporate clients, today announced their flagship software, Oxygen Forensic Detective 12.0, Powered by JetEngine, will bring image categorization and grouping, allowing investigators to use AI to sort and categorize images into twelve categories, including drugs, weapons, alcohol, and nudity, to more quickly find pertinent images to an investigation. The latest update also includes TamTam Messenger extraction capabilities, following the breaking news that as of early December 2019, it is suspected TamTam is the new, preferred communication service for ISIS supporters. Now Oxygen Forensic Detective 12.0, Powered by JetEngine, will allow investigators to extract chats, calls, contacts, and other information from the TamTam cloud.

The image categorization innovative implementation further bolsters Oxygen Forensics with a best-in-class object recognition software, and comes on the heels of incorporating facial recognition technology earlier this year. TamTam data extraction, along with object and facial recognition and many other robust features are included in Oxygen Forensic Detective 12.0, Powered by JetEngine with no fees or add-on costs, continuing the software’s reputation as the number one, all-in-one digital forensic solution. The newly added TamTam data extraction gives investigators combatting terrorism the ability to obtain data from ISIS’s newly preferred communication platform, ensuring national and international law enforcement entities have all the tools they need. This quick and robust addition to the full, digital forensics suite demonstrates Oxygen Forensics’ unparalleled speed and efficacy in adding new features investigators of all kinds need.

“Imagine law enforcement officers on scene, having eye witness reports of a red van in a robbery. Now, with the image categorization integration, investigators can seamlessly and quickly sort through thousands of images to find the red van. It doesn’t stop there—guns, nudity, drug paraphernalia—investigators can easily sort images to get what they need for all types of investigations,” said Lee Reiber, COO of Oxygen Forensics. “We also added TamTam data extraction almost immediately after we found out that’s the preferred platform for ISIS supporters. Our goal every day is to bring law enforcement and corporate investigators the single most comprehensive digital forensics tool out there, with no additional costs, and sometimes that means a fast turnaround to add new features so investigators can stay ahead of criminals and terrorists. I’m confident Oxygen Forensics Detective continues to be second to none.”

The twelve, base categories of images also include extremism, graphic violence, and more, drastically speeding up criminal investigations and internal corporate audits while reducing case backlog. The average person has over 600 photos on their phone and there are over 230 million smartphones in the United States alone, meaning the amount of digital data in an average criminal or corporate investigation is staggering and speed remains one of the most crucial factors for success. Oxygen Forensic Detective 12.0, Powered by JetEngine remains the undisputed digital forensics software.

The Oxygen Forensic Detective Suite is available to previously vetted and appropriately licensed law enforcement organizations. The suite is also available to private customers for investigations and corporate in-house analysis.

About Oxygen Forensics, Inc.:
Oxygen Forensics, Inc. is a leading global provider of software for digital forensic investigations involving mobile devices, drones, and cloud data. The company’s flagship software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, enables law enforcement, defense, and enterprise organizations around the world to extract and examine data from thousands of device types and applications to build thorough digital evidence cases for legal and forensic proceedings.

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