DrChrono’s Certified Developers Program Debuts

DrChrono Expands its Healthcare Partner Platform Marketplace with New Resources for Physicians

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DrChrono Inc., the company enabling the medical practice of the future, announced today a new Certified Developers Program comprised of partners that are building custom solutions that leverage DrChrono’s API.

Monadical, Healthfeed and JacksonKey joined the DrChrono Certified Developers Program and have a proven track record of building successful applications on the DrChrono EHR platform. The new Certified Developers Program is creating an ecosystem where a customer can work directly with one of the qualified developers that can layer custom features on top of the DrChrono EHR platform at their request. 

Here’s more background on the companies and the services they can provide:

HealthFeed - the HealthFeed team can leverage its expertise, know-how and experience with DrChrono’s EHR APIs to create custom solutions for practices using DrChrono. Such custom solutions could be an enhancement that improves interoperability, a custom data analytics rendering or a mobile app/portal that works in conjunction with the DrChrono EHR, or an integration that makes data from an external device available within the EHR. HealthFeed developers can also develop solutions on areas such as patient engagement, scheduling and patient outreach.

For example, HealthFeed built an integrated and automated process for DrChrono physicians to obtain express written consent from patients for scenarios that potentially involve sharing of sensitive health information through unsecured channels such as text and email.

JacksonKey - is a developer group that will build for any type of healthcare client. The programmers at JacksonKey specialize in EMR data conversions and interfaces. JacksonKey ensures that everything gets transferred correctly so that DrChrono’s customers can hit the ground running with the new system.

Monadical - is a full-stack software consultancy with 4 years of healthcare industry experience, including experience developing internal solutions for DrChrono Inc. and providers on its EHR. The team at Monadical is able to develop a wide variety of custom software solutions for both doctor-facing and patient-facing use cases, including medical hardware integrations with the EHR, business & finance reporting dashboards, custom patient portals, and more.

“We've built platforms from scratch, integrated with both technical and non-technical teams, and have experience working with clients in the healthcare industry, including DrChrono customers,” said Nick Sweeting, Monadical CTO. Before co-founding Monadical, Nick was a full-stack engineer on the DrChrono product team, and his consultancy continues to work with DrChrono and its clients today. “Given our deep knowledge of the DrChrono platform, we look forward to working closely with their clients whose custom needs are sometimes outside of DrChrono’s core focus. For example, we're currently building a data sync platform for a DrChrono customer with custom reporting dashboards for administrators to track billing & scheduling metrics across their practice.”

Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono mentions, “We have always been committed to embracing the developer community enabling them to leverage our API and openly build on top of DrChrono. Having certified developer partners that can create a custom solution for any customer request enables the DrChrono EHR platform to become a key extension to the needs of physicians and practices. Any partner or customer that wants to layer additional products on top of DrChrono can now do that with any one of our certified developers.”

To learn more about the new DrChrono Certified Developers Program, please visit https://www.drchrono.com/services/

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