Westpay: Sampath Bank extends integrated QR-code based payments to POS Terminals, supported by Westpay.

Upplands Väsby, SWEDEN

Sampath Bank, established in 1986 and a leading bank in Sri Lanka, revolutionizes the consumer payment experience by extending their QR based payments to Point of Sale (POS) machines/payment terminals, powered by Westpay AB. The new payment solution is seamlessly integrated with the regular card payment infrastructure, which is a unique innovation by the Bank, backed by Westpay.

The demands for efficient, reliable, and secure payment solutions is growing rapidly in Asia. The customers are asking for simplicity and flexibility. These are some of the drivers why Sampath Bank, with the vision to be "The Growing Force in Sri Lankan Financial Services," enables new payment solutions to simplify their customer's payments.

- At Sampath Bank we have always strived to be at the forefront of anticipating our customer needs and providing them with unique, tailor made solutions and the conceptualization, development and introduction of this new payment system is an excellent case in point. Thanks to the experience, innovativeness and pragmatic mindset of all parties, we were able to execute this solution seamlessly and with great ease, said Mr. Ajith Salgado, Group Chief Information Officer at Sampath Bank.

The payment solution offers the customer the choice to pay by scanning a dynamic QR code visualized on the screen of the payment terminal.

-At Westpay it is, obviously, always nice when we can help our customers in their challenge to offer a higher level of customer experience. Thanks to a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, we made a quick time to market possible without leaving any of the demands behind, says Sten Karlsson, CEO at Westpay.

This project is a collaboration between Sampath Bank, Interblocks, and Westpay. Interblocks, a global strategic partner of Westpay, offers sophisticated development capabilities in the electronic payment processing space, primarily catering to corporates in Asia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
-In their quest to deliver cutting-edge and innovative payment solutions to their end customers, Sampath Bank reached out to Interblocks, given our pioneering knowledge in the domain. Facilitated by our resilient partnership with Westpay, we have managed to cater to their requirements exceeding all expectations. I am extremely pleased to say that once again; we have managed to ‘raise the bar’ of the banking industry in Sri Lanka, says Dinesh Rodrigo, Managing Director and CEO at Interblocks.  

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