K2 Announces Annual EMEA Partner Award Winners

Partners recognized for exceptional achievements implementing innovative process automation solutions with K2

LONDON, Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and a leader in low-code process automation, today announced the exemplary achievements of K2 partners in EMEA during its annual Partner Summit. The K2 EMEA Partner Awards recognise organisations that have delivered world-class automation solutions using the K2 platform to their customers during the past year.

“Each year, K2 has the distinct pleasure of recognizing EMEA partners that have demonstrated an impressive level of creativity using automation solutions to deliver excellence to their customers,” said Ruan Scott, senior vice president, channel at K2. “To have so many great entries is a tremendous reflection of the quality of K2 partners that are focused on helping customers accelerate business growth and increase profitability.”

The winners were judged by a panel of process automation experts and K2 executives. K2 partners were recognized in the following categories:

  • Innovative New Product of the Year - Indocs (Netherlands)
  • Breakthrough Award - Smartpoint (Austria)
  • Partner Loyalty Award - FABRITY (Poland)
  • Fast Start Award - B_Robots (Belgium)
  • Engagement Award - Apendo (Nordics)
  • New Customer Sales Award - Thysia (Netherlands)
  • Business Impact Award - bridgingIT (Germany)
  • New Customer Project Award - MITA and ICT Solutions (Malta)

Learn more about the K2 Partner Award winners.

Innovative New Product of the Year - Indocs (Netherlands)
Rather than offer K2 as it is, Indocs has extended its platform to add greater functionality especially in location services and mobile device capability. The solution Indocs has developed, using K2, initially for Ballast Nedam, is taking K2 into new markets and breaking new ground with potential customers.

Breakthrough Award - Smartpoint (Austria)
Smartpoint, an Austrian-based partner re-established its relationship with K2 in the last 12 months. Smartpoint is a long-standing partner connected to many customers in the DACH region and showcases K2 solutions in an innovative light in Austria.

Partner Loyalty Award - FABRITY (Poland)
Shortly after K2 was founded, FABRITY was one of the first companies to join the reseller network in Europe, based in Poland. Over the last 15 years, Fabrity has worked on some of the most complex implementations of K2 and has introduced K2 to a number of large Polish companies in finance, manufacturing and the public sector.    

Fast Start Award - B_Robots (Belgium)
B_Robots is a company that specialises in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and quickly came to realise that RPA and digital process automation (DPA) are intrinsically linked. Within just a few weeks of engaging with K2, the company secured meetings with several high-profile companies who had an interest in the K2 technology stack.

Engagement Award - Apendo (Nordics)
Apendo, a Denmark-based partner onboarded a couple of new customers within the first 12 months of its K2 engagement. The “engagement award” was awarded to Apendo as they are actively raising awareness of K2 and its services among the financial sector in the Nordics.

New Customer Sales Award -Thysia (Netherlands)
In just three years, Thysia Information Management in Breda became one of the most prolific K2 partners, not just in Europe, but across the world. Thysia has committed all of its resources to grow its K2 practice in the Netherlands.

Business Impact Award - bridgingIT (Germany)
A German-based partner, bridgingIT, implemented mission-critical solutions for K2 customer Merck. They built an advanced app automation experience that spun up an entire solution based on input criteria. Merck has hundreds of apps in production because of this innovative approach.

New Customer Project Award - Malta Information Technology Agency and ICT Solutions (Malta)
This was a joint award, given to both ICT Solutions in Malta and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA). ICT Solutions contracted with MITA to deliver citizen-facing forms for the entire Maltese public sector servicing a community of over 350,000 people on the island. The scale of the project is astonishing and provides a platform for K2 to engage with every Microsoft-oriented central government agency across Europe.

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