Cerence Introduces New Features in Cerence Drive, the World’s Leading Technology and Solutions Portfolio for Automakers and Connected Cars

New capabilities such as enhanced voice recognition and synthetic speech serve as the foundation for a safer, more enjoyable journey for everyone

BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today introduced new innovations in Cerence Drive, its technology and solutions portfolio for automakers and IoT providers to build high-quality, intelligent voice assistant experiences and speech-enabled applications. Cerence Drive today powers AI-based, voice-enabled assistants in approximately 300 million cars from nearly every major automaker in the world, including Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Geely, GM, SAIC, Toyota, and many more.

The Cerence Drive portfolio offers a distinct, hybrid approach with both on-board and cloud-based technologies that include voice recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), text-to-speech (TTS), speech signal enhancement (SSE), and more. These technologies can be deployed and tightly integrated with the wide variety of systems, sensors and interfaces found in today’s connected cars. The latest version of Cerence Drive includes a variety of new features to elevate the in-car experience:

  • Enhanced, active voice recognition and assistant activation that goes beyond the standard push-to-talk buttons and wake-up words. The voice assistant is always listening for a relevant utterance, question or command, much like a personal assistant would, creating a more natural experience. In addition, Cerence’s voice recognition can run throughout the car, both embedded and in the cloud, distributing the technical load and delivering a faster user experience for drivers.
  • New, deep neural net (DNN)-based NLU engine built on one central technology stack with 23 languages available both embedded and in the cloud. This streamlined approach creates new standards for scalability and flexibility between embedded and cloud applications and domains for simpler integration, faster innovation, and a more seamless in-car experience, regardless of connectivity.
  • TTS and synthetic voice advancements that deliver new customizations, including a non-gender-specific voice for the voice assistant, and emotional output, which enables automakers to adjust an assistant’s speaking style based on the information delivered or tailored to a specific situation. In addition, the introduction of deep learning delivers a more natural and human-like voice with an affordable computational footprint.
  • Improved, more intelligent speech signal enhancement that includes multi-zone processing with quick and simple speaker identification; passenger interference cancelation that blocks out background noise as well as voices from others in the car; and a deep neural net-based approach for greater noise suppression and better communication.

“Improving the experience for drivers and creating curated technology that feels unique and harmonious with our partners’ brands have been true motivators since we started our new journey as Cerence, and that extends to our latest innovations in Cerence Drive,” said Sanjay Dhawan, CEO, Cerence. “Cerence Drive, our flagship offering, is the driving force behind our promise of a truly moving in-car experience for our customers and their drivers, and our new innovations announced today are core to making that mission a reality. ”

Cerence Drive’s newest features are available now for automakers worldwide. To learn more about Cerence Drive, visit www.cerence.com/solutions. To learn more about Cerence, visit www.cerence.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the automotive world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers, it is helping transform how a car feels, responds and learns. Its track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and almost 300 million cars on the road today. Whether it’s connected cars, autonomous driving or e-vehicles, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. For more information, visit www.cerence.com.

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